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Barcelona in November: Best Things to Do!

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Barcelona is rated as one of the best cities to visit in Europe. It is a modern-day gem teeming with heritage, rich culture, art, history, and seating on the Mediterranean coastline. No wonder the picturesque city records high tourist arrivals each year.

From its electric nightlife to its world-class beaches; countless art museums to a countless number of tapas restaurants; a general feel-good vibe to its architectural marvels, this is a city that you should definitely consider visiting.

But if you’re coming to Barcelona in November, there are a few things you need to know before and don’t worry about it, in Gotland Charter we are about to explain everything you need to know.

Temperature in Barcelona in November

The fact that this is a coastal city means that weather in Barcelona in November is pleasant and generally breezy for the better part of the month. Nonetheless, the city is known to get humid and hot during the summer seasons, which is normal for any city found by the coastline.

Cooler months in the city start from the month of September, which means that November is generally breezy. Visiting the city in November is advantageous in that the decreased temperature levels make it more enjoyable for visitors to travel in and around the city.

What to Pack

The city starts to experience cooler weather during November. It is a period when the locals begin to take their gloves, scarves, and winter coats from their closets. While many images of the city tend to bring about images of the beaches and palm trees to the mind; the average temperature in Barcelona in November is about 14°C.

While this may not appear extreme when placed on a cold scale, the high humidity levels present in the region makes this temperature appear way cooler. It is recommended to have an umbrella on hand, a scarf/shawl, a winter coat, and gloves.

This should help you pack for the trip in case you were wondering what is the weather like in Barcelona in November.

Things to do in Barcelona in November ¡The best activities!

October and November are considered unique months in the city as far as the weather is concerned. They act as the transitional period between the winter and summer seasons.

Although temperatures tends to drop at this time of year, you can still enjoy some of the best outdoot activities due to Barcelona’s lucky weather. Activities to do in the city include:

All Saints Day

The month of November starts with a major holiday in Barcelona city and Spain as a country. All Saint’s Day also known as El Dia de Todos Los Santos is a national holiday that has been set aside to remember and honor the dear.

Streets in the city are lined with flower vendors selling floral displays to locals leaving to be by their departed graveside’s. On the other hand, it is also a day when people come together to eat “panellets”. These are small almond cakes stocked in all the big bakeries in Barcelona.

Sunset Cruise

A sunset cruise presents you with an opportunity to view the city from a whole new perspective when visiting Barcelona.

Get to enjoy the evening cruising out on a boat with your colleagues, friends, family, and loved ones. Enjoy a meal on the boat as you watch the sun slowly start to dip over the horizon. You can also jump overboard and enjoy a swim in the cool ocean waters as you get to take in the great sights of the Barcelona beaches in November.

Boat Sightseeing Tour

Barcelona is an amazing city with lots of things to do and see. It is a special city filled with mountains and a beautiful coastline; a retro but modern city. You cannot truly appreciate its beauty until you have been able to see it from all angles.

And what better way to do this than by booking a boat sightseeing tour of the city? Sightseeing tours come in varying types and are recommended for parties, tourists, and corporate groups.

Mushrooms Seasons

As you contemplate on places to visit in Barcelona in November, you should note that the mushroom season begins in autumn each year. Mushrooms are a culinary and cultural delight for many of the city’s locals.

Mushrooms are generally a fruiting body that grows from fungi. They are regarded as a highly prized ingredient when preparing any local cuisine. Visitors to the city looking for places to sample mushrooms should consider visiting the el Bergueda and Osona counties.

The two counties in Barcelona province feature breathtaking natural scenery.

Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that is celebrated on the 4th day of November each year. American tourists visiting Barcelona will get an opportunity to celebrate the holiday with fellow countrymen residing or visiting the city on this day.

Traditionally, Americans living abroad tend to partake in their traditional Thanksgiving dinner before visiting the nearest Irish bar they can find. There are numerous Irish bars in Barcelona that you can visit to enjoy your Irish beer and get a taste of some turkey stuffing.

The Castanyada

Traveling to Barcelona in November presents you with an opportunity to celebrate the “Castanyada”. Eating hot toasted chestnuts is one of the traditions practiced by the locals when marking the All Saint’s Day. Also known as “castanyas”, the chestnuts come neatly wrapped in a newspaper for your enjoyment.

Often, they are sold by street hawkers who possess pop-up road roasting stalls as the holiday nears. The hawkers continue to sell them for the better part of the winter season. You can also find roasted sweet potatoes on sale in the same stalls.

Events is November

There are lots of activities to do in November when visiting Barcelona. With the average temperatures in the city being around 17°C high and 8°C low, November is a month characterized by a noticeable drop in temperature levels. It is also not uncommon for the days to become considerably shorter than during other months.

While a drop-in temperature may spell gloom in some areas, this is not the case with Barcelona. This is because they help make sightseeing less messy as there are fewer people in the streets and in event locations. Some of the events taking place during this time of the year include the “Barcelona Pensa” festival and the Jazz festival.

Jazz Festival

The Jazz Festival is one of the must-attend Barcelona November events. Started 51 years ago, the event has grown over the years to embrace all types of music ranging from gospel to bebop.

Attendees can expect to witness a string of core performers including music heavyweights such as the Soweto Gospel Choir, John Legend, Wayne Shorter Quartet, Afro-Cuban Messengers, Taylor McFerrin, and The Bad Plus. The event venues vary from smoky bars such as the Harlem Jazz club and Jamboree to bigger venues like the Grand Palau de la Música.

Salón del Manga

The Salón del Manga is an international trade fair that will take place between 31st October and 3rd November 2019. It is an event hosted and organized by FICOMIC. In 2018, the event was attended by more than 90,000 visitors. The exhibitors in attendance were 130, with 10 of this being foreign exhibitors.

Some of the exhibitors at the fair include publishers, anime and cartoon designers, booksellers and distributors, and both Manga and Comic publishers. Others include film production and distribution firms, schools, art galleries, television networks, manufacturers and distributors of gothic clothing items.

In-Edit Barcelona

The In-Edit Festival held in Barcelona each year is an exceptional event held to showcase different music documentaries sourced from around the world. Its organizers are passionate music fans who do it for the purpose of bringing together other fans.

The festival was first held in 2003 and has been held every year since then. This year, it is expected to commence on Thursday 24th October and end on Sunday 3rd November.

To finish, visiting Barcelona in November also enables you to see the start of the Christmas season. This is when lights begin to appear in Barcelona streets as well as in its many holiday markets.

There are no set dates as they vary from one year to the next, but you can rest assured that you will start noticing the Christmas cheer before the end of this month. The city observes some bizarre traditions during this time of the year, so it helps to have a clue on what to expect when the season begins.

In Gotland Charter, we hope everything we’ve told you will be useful once you visit Barcelona at this time of the year.

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