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Boat rental in Barcelona

a group of people in a boat on a body of water

One of the main ports of Spain and which opens the doors of the European continent to us is the city of Barcelona, ​​which is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It offers us a wonderful tourist destination among which we can enjoy its majestic beaches, a very diverse gastronomy and cultural expressions typical of the locality.

Being in a coastal area, it has developed a large part of its economy using navigation and visits to the many surrounding towns as part of its tourist offer. That is why, if you decide to get to know Barcelona, ​​there is no better option than renting a boat in the port of its coastal area so that you can enjoy its beauty touring its beautiful territorial waters, while enjoying a wonderful Mediterranean climate on board. a boat

Boat rental in Barcelona Spain

You can get a wide variety of offers from which you can select those that best suit your budget. It is also possible to choose the type of boat in which you want to take the tour, which varies the costs to a great extent.

In the same way, there are rental options for hours or days, in some publications we can find considerations according to the age of the boat and the opportunity to choose if you want to rent with a navigation captain or without him.

All this is within reach of a few clicks, where we will also find information about the places that we can enjoy and the capacity of people that are allowed on the boat.

Boat rental without a license

If you do not have a license to sail, you can still enjoy the sailing experience, contracting the service of those boats that are authorized to do so. Some of them meet the specifications of not exceeding a maximum power of 15 CV and have only about 5 meters in length.

To be able to rent a boat without a license you do not need any license, you just have to be over 18 years old and present your identification or passport. In addition, before setting sail on your adventure, the owner will give you a brief induction in which he will inform you about the handling of the boat.

Among the recommendations given by the owners is to stay close to the coast, since these boats are usually difficult to maneuver in case the wind direction changes or when they are distant from the port, since their small engine would be forced.

Boats rental per day in Barcelona

If you want to spend a few days on the high seas, sailing the Mediterranean Sea and discovering the towns that are in the surroundings or beyond, we recommend that you venture to rent a boat for several days so that you can live this magnificent experience with your family, friends or group of companions.

You can choose between sailboat, speedboat, yacht or catamaran, with a wide variety of options according to what you want to find to be really comfortable and enjoying this wonderful experience.

You will find boats that can accommodate 6, 8, 10 and up to 12 people, with the number of cabins with their respective beds to accommodate them. In the same way, you have the opportunity to choose to hire the services of a boat with its captain, who will take you to the most exotic places on the coast of Barcelona, ​​or if you have the required qualification, take command of the ship and launch yourself into sail in search of great adventures.

On the other hand, with the boat rental for days you will be able to reach each port and learn more about the culture and traditions of these beautiful and picturesque tourist towns, which also have exquisite cuisine that will lead you to discover unimaginable flavors, based on their local produce.

Private boat rental

Private boat rental is really simple, first you must take into account your budget, what type of boat you want to rent, the number of people who accompany you and the time you need to fulfill your dream of sailing the coasts of Barcelona.

Once established, you can select between the different boat options that are on the market waiting for you, choosing the one that best suits your tastes and preferences.

There are some tourism plans that include the captain of the ship as a tour guide through the waters of the Mediterranean, this is undoubtedly a plus, as you can enjoy the landscape and the company on a completely relaxing ride.

But, if you are one of those who love adventures and have a navigation license, then you can be the one to set the course and take the ship and its crew to travel the seas.

Cheap boat rental in Barcelona

The hourly rental options turn out to be very attractive to enjoy the tour without implying excessive spending, in addition, the cost covers the total number of people who will board the ship, according to its capacity, so it is possible find excellent boats at a fairly affordable price, especially if you manage to distribute the cost among several groups.

In the same way, if you are looking to spend a few days of rest in which you walk away from routine, renting a boat per day can be a great investment, since it offers you the cabin with its bed and other comforts for resting at night, while during the day, it takes you on a tour of the ports you want to visit, making the necessary stops to enjoy an excellent vacation.

Whatever your budget that you have destined for the enjoyment of your holidays, it will be well worth choosing to rent a boat, since it is a unique experience in which you can marvel at beautiful landscapes, a warm climate typical of the Mediterranean and in direct contact with the sea.