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Boat Rentals for Corporate Events

Regattas, Incentives and Team Building

The corporate world is changing the way they focus on employee motivation and how to generate synergies within the group. Incentives are no longer just an economic reward for the achievements of employees; currently, group incentives based on team building open a new way of valuing work within the company, also, to encourage the cohesion of the staff.

In the same way, the relationships with suppliers or clients are no longer limited to the traditional business lunch. Other ways of generating a good relationship between the parties, such as spending a good day onboard a ship, offer the possibility of living experiences together and generating stronger bonds.

Corporate Charter

Team Building

Regattas for companies

Corporate regattas are Team Building activities in which the participants, divided into different groups and advised by our staff.

They can enjoy endless sensations, whether in a fleet regatta or Match Race competing against another boat. We train the crew in a joint team with our captains and in order to coordinate the different roles on board to obtain the maximum performance from the boat rental barcelona.

We organize regattas in Barcelona, Sitges, etc…. or between two ports. Of course, we have an offer of catering options, award ceremonies, tent assembly and photographic reports to dress the event to the taste of each client, advised, at all times, by a team of professionals who adapt the activity and the schedules to your needs.

How do regattas work?

The level of demand, participation and professionalism, in which the regatta takes place, is decided by the client. The team can man the boat under the supervision of the captain, or if you prefer, simply relax and enjoy this Team Building activity. Each boat can be vinylized with the team number, branding and special and differentiated clothing can be delivered for each of the teams.

Regattas are available for groups from 10 to 250 guests. Everyone actively participates in the tasks to be carried out on board together with the rest of the team (team building), to obtain the best possible performance from the boat.

Information For Boat Rentals For Corporate Events

If you want a boat rental for a corporate event or need information, call us, write us an email or fill in the form with your information and we will get in touch.