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Honeymoon in Barcelona? Plan Your Perfect Vacation

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Beautiful streets, endless sandy beaches, Gaudí architecture and fantastically exotic cuisines are some of the attractions that Barcelona offers. It is, therefore, no surprise, that it is one of Europe’s leading romantic destinations.

So, why should you aspire for a Barcelona honeymoon? What are some of the romantic things you can do in this city? What hotels will heighten your picturesque experiences?

In Gotland Charter, we’re about to answer all these questions!

Reasons to Honeymoon in Barcelona

Spain has too much to offer and Barcelona is one of the most famous destinations in this country and there is plenty of reasons why.

The Weather

When planning a honeymoon in Barcelona, it is imperative to know what you want to get out of the getaway. If your preference is sandy beaches and warm weather, May and June are ideal as the temperatures are pleasant without being too hot.

Midsummer, in July and August, has more extreme temperatures in the middle of the day, but the city comes to life in the evening. Festivals and open-air events usually happen during these evenings, contributing to what will be a romantic nightlife.

Autumn and winter will allow you to explore museums, discos, cuisine, bars and sights in the city; as long as you carry an umbrella.

Tapas and Sangria

Among the many foreign cuisines you will enjoy in Barcelona, tapas and sangria will probably be the most common. In most restaurants, you will be presented with a variety of tapas from which you can choose, and since they are common, they will likely be affordable.

If you have a taste for cocktails and red wine, the sangria in Barcelona will have you weeping in joy.


Interaction with the people is what heightens your experience when visiting a foreign city. After all, what stories will you take home?

The people of Barcelona are a friendly and hospitable bunch, and you should expect a smile or two when interacting with them. While the local language is Catalan, English is also widely spoken in this city and, of course, you can expect to hear a lot of Spanish.


After spending a fortune on your wedding, the idea of an expensive honeymoon may turn you off. Affordability is one of the perks you enjoy if you pick this city; from the flights, accommodation and food.

Some hotels offer their guests complimentary meals for breakfast, dinner or both. Taking advantage of this reduces your food budget.

The Most Romantic Things to do in Barcelona

Before getting to jump into a plane, it is important to explore the different honeymoon ideas in Barcelona to make the most of your vacation.

Private Yacht Tour

Enjoying a private yacht tour on the Mediterranean, which overlooks the city, is one of Barcelona honeymoon ideas with a twist.

If you take a private yacht tour like the service we offer in Gotland Charter, you will enjoy the skyline of the city from the coastline.

You can also visit the neighbouring city of Sitges, either one-way or as a return trip. The tour also includes a stop during which you can take a dip into the Mediterranean waters.

Enjoy a Sunset from a Catamaran

Enjoying the beauty of the sunset and basking in the last rays of the sun sounds like an ideal way to end the day. In Barcelona, there are plenty of places to do this like the Turó de la Rovira, except that you may find them crowded.

A sunset cruise is an alternative you and your loved one can take advantage of as each catamaran has a few people, allowing a romantic finish or start of your evening.

Enjoy a Romantic Sailing Tour

If you are a sailing enthusiast who loves cold drinks, trips, snacks and excursions, you can choose to enjoy a romantic sailing tour.

Gotland Charter makes available drinks and snacks for the trip, and just like the yacht tour, there is a stop if you wish to swim. Further, the captain takes the liberty to point out landmarks around the city and to teach you some sailing basics. How do you like the idea of a BBQ on your romantic cruise?

Romantic Hotels: Best Places to Stay

What are the best places to stay in Barcelona honeymoon? Picking a hotel can be tedious work as you have to take into account your budget, your sightseeing locations and what you need during the honeymoon.

Alma Barcelona

Alma Barcelona is located a distance from the Old City, which is a 20-minute walk. The hotel is a blend of what is modern and classic in style; for instance, fingerprint scanners at the door and a garden that is overlooked by most of the rooms. Some of the facilities available are the gym, a spa and a sundeck that offers a view towards the whole city.

Hotel Duquesa de Cardona

Hotel de Cardona is one of the most romantic hotels in Barcelona, probably because of its terrace on the roof. This terrace has a restaurant, a cocktail bar and a vast pool where you can enjoy a meal or drink just before you go for a swim.

Located in the city, the rooms in the hotel allow you to enjoy views of downtown, the streets and the beach, depending on where your room is located.

Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona is located at the Passeig de Gracia and is ideal for anyone who celebrates Gaudi architecture. It is a very stylish and chic hotel, and some of the facilities you can enjoy here include a spa, sauna, pool, bar, room service and a steam room, among others.

Hotel Barcelona Catedral

If you are going on your honeymoon during the low tourist season, you will find an affordable and cheerful hotel in the Hotel Barcelona Catedral.

Food is available at the restaurant during the week from 12 pm to 5 pm while drinks can be found at the lobby bar until 11 pm when it closes. Some of the services and facilities that you will enjoy at this restaurant include free Wi-Fi, a pool, a fitness centre and room service.

What to do on Honeymoon in Barcelona

What do you do on a honeymoon in Barcelona? In the city, you will likely be confronted with several sights you have only read about or seen in pictures.

Below are some activities you can do.

Visit Montserrat

At the top of Montserrat, the mountain range, sits Santa Maria de Montserrat, a monastery. The Virgin Montserrat statue, one of the Black Madonna found in Europe, sits in this monastery. If you are looking to hike during your honeymoon, or even for a religious pilgrimage, visit these saw mountains.

Parc de la Ciutadella

Are you more of a walk-in-the-park kind of person? The Parc de Ciutadella is the biggest park in Barcelona and is found at the centre of the city. Here, you get to relax in the breeze, away from the sea, among the trees and fountain. Apart from walking, you can have a picnic or play a game.

Font Màgica at Montjuïc

Water acrobatics, music and lights; each of these is found at this magical fountain. The dancing jets that are coloured in different hues are synchronized with the music to provide hypnotic entertainment to all its viewers.

a group of people standing in front of water

If you are in Barcelona for the Piromusical, you will enjoy a majestic display of fireworks, music and lasers that will have you going back to the city any chance you can.

Night Tour at Pedrera House

Experience the best of Barcelona architecture by taking a night tour of La Pedrera, a building that housed Antoni Gaudi himself. A night tour of this house will have you marvelling at the architect’s prowess as his buildings are inspired by nature.

The spiralling chimneys, audio-visuals and the glass of Cava will take you through a journey that will make use of all your senses.

Massage at Aire de Barcelona

One of the best hotels in Barcelona for honeymoon with massage service is the Aire de Barcelona. Here, you get the choice between steam rooms and sauna, Jacuzzi, saltwater baths and swimming pools. In the Roman Empire, baths were a social event where people would go to talk and bond. A visit to the baths with your partner should certainly be on the list of places to visit, should you honeymoon in Barcelona.

A honeymoon is an event you’re unlikely to forget. However, a honeymoon in Barcelona is one you will definitely remember. Come and experience history, culture architecture and the Mediterranean at its best in this coastal city in Spain.