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The 17 Best wedding venues in Barcelona

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More people than ever, are choosing to combine their wedding day and honeymoon in one package. In recent years, many of Europe’s major cities have enjoyed an upsurge in bookings by international travellers wishing to take their wedding vows during their stay.

What is it though, that makes one European city more attractive as a wedding venue than another? Ambience is the answer.

That romantic vibe that envelops you when strolling hand in hand through the medieval lanes and alleys of the old city. The feeling you get when glancing around a busy traditional restaurant, as couples enjoy world famous classical cuisine by candlelight. And the complete feeling of relaxation, absorbed from the busy, but laid-back lifestyle of the locals.

Barcelona has all this and much more, there’s no surprise why is one of the most chosen cities to get married and honeymoon on.

Pristine beaches on the Mediterranean coast, grandiose architecture, unashamedly luxurious hotels and places to enjoy, with the most romantic plans and backdrops you will find anywhere in Europe.

So, to whet your appetite for the big day, in Gotland Charter we want to show you an affordable selection of the top Barcelona wedding venues you may wish to consider.

Top Luxury Wedding Venues

When choosing the beautiful region of Catalonia to make your wedding plans, you are spoilt for choice.

You can choose from a stunning variety of Barcelona city wedding venues in churches, intimate chapels, top hotels, verdant parks, lush gardens, on the beaches, and at sea.

Get married on a boat

Many young couples these days don’t just want a memorable wedding. They want getting married in Barcelona to be a unique wedding day, a day none of their friends has considered.

An event that, after the nuptials, will be so laid back and casual it will never be forgotten. By bride, groom, or invited guests.


To provide one of the top wedding venues for couples of all ages, in Gotland Charter we operate a fleet of motor yachts, sailboats and catamarans that can carry up to 120 people.

You can get married in a sheltered cove, or anchored off a beach or headland. Or you can get married on the high seas, as the sun dips below the horizon. You can have a quiet wedding with family and friends, or turn the occasion into a celebratory party.

With plenty of liquid refreshment, a buffet or barbeque reception, and resident DJ, you can dance the day away. Before cooling off with a dip in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.

In a luxury hotel

For those whose wedding plans are a little more conventional, Barcelona has hotels that might have been designed just to host your wedding day. W Hotel Barcelona is one of them.

Sumptuous suites with four-poster beds for bride and groom, and luxurious guest rooms so the whole party can stay together. A choice of large airy conference rooms in which to take your wedding vows and host your reception. Or lush verdant gardens with marquee, for those wishing to celebrate in the warm Barcelona sunshine.

With semi-tropical plants as a background for those all-important wedding photographs, your special day is complete.

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In a park

Many couples, the young and the young at heart, choose venues around Europe for their wedding nuptials because they want something a little different.

They want a romantic wedding outside, in the warm Mediterranean climate.

Barcelona has some great parks where they can do just that. Parks with historical Spanish architecture, waterfalls, hidden fountains, cypress trees and luxuriant vegetation – parks such as the Parc del Laberint d’Horta.

Although criss-crossed with biking and hiking trails, the Parc Natural de Collserola is another popular wedding venue because of its abundant flora and fauna. Or, for its view over Barcelona from the large terraced area alone, the Parc Güell could be the place for an exceptional wedding photo-shoot.

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Park Guell

A wedding in the city of Barcelona can be phenomenal when hosted in some of the most fabulous gardens in the city. Park Guell, for instance, is full of modernly accentuated gardens which are designed to awe your guests.

Located on Carmel Hill, Park Guell has a perfect atmosphere that is exuded by the surrounding architectonic elements from the hills around. With a large public space, Park Guell has all that your wedding might need.

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Parc del Laberint d’Horta

Looking for quiet that you might never find in the busy parts of Barcelona? Then Parc del Laberint d’Horta is the best place for you. This is one of the oldest parking facilities in the city of Barcelona, but it still holds dazzling beauty to spice up your wedding vows.

It is a historical garden that is parked with the ancient architectural skills that form the foundation of the great city.

a wooden bench in a garden


On arrival at your hotel in Barcelona, look around, and upwards. From anywhere in the city you can see the spire of the Sacred Heart of Jesus sitting on top of Tibidabo, Barcelona’s tallest peak.

If you are seeking for a wedding day with a difference, but still want to enjoy that element of conventionality, consider booking your ceremony at this romantic place of worship, sitting in its beautiful natural garden.

The amazing views and photographic opportunities across the Mediterranean and Barcelona city from the gardens, make it a must visit for the photographic memories alone, and it’s just a short train ride from the city centre.

a large body of water with a city in the background

Nou Camp

Nou Camp is a fantastic location if you want a wedding with modern themes. Moreover, if you are a soccer fun, and your bones speak the language of FC Barcelona, then this might be a perfect wedding venue for you. It is a vast space with amazing features which are easily customizable.

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Don’t miss these wedding venues near Barcelona

Not everyone enjoys the large modern cosmopolitan cities of today, with their international restaurants catering for the masses, and their plethora of different languages.

Instead, they prefer to explore further afield, to ‘go native’ shall we say, and enjoy the traditional cuisine and countryside away from the glitzy tourist areas.

Visitors to this beautiful catalan area of Spain are no different. Just a short drive from the city, and the luxury hotels disappear, replaced by buildings constructed centuries before.

Traditional Catalan Masia

The design of Catalan’s traditional masia buildings is thought to originate from the Roman era, and in Catalonia, buildings have been traced back as far as the 12th century.

Originally of single storey construction, and then two floors with attic, the ground floor was used to house and shelter animals, the second floor the family, and the attic to store dry crops and farm tools.

Although over the years many of these historic buildings were abandoned, allowed to fall into disrepair, or demolished, a large number continued to be occupied by rural workers and small farmers.

a large green field with trees in the background

Agriculture, although a large part of the Catalan economy, showed very small returns for the hours toiled in olive and orange groves, and owners began to look elsewhere for a better return on their time and money.

With an eye on the growing tourist industry, many masia properties have been totally refurbished, to provide luxury accommodation for those visitors wishing to enjoy the benefits of a rural Catalonia.

Many masias have been converted to luxury villa rentals, restaurants, café and bars, guesthouses, and wedding venues. Casa Felix is one of the most famous masias to get married near Barcelona. Now you can book one or more masias for friends and family, and enjoy your wedding nuptials and reception inside, or out, in the beautiful Catalonia countryside.

Casa Felix

This is an ideal wedding venue, especially if you are looking to have the event done in the afternoon. Casa Felix offers serene environment more so in the afternoon until late in the night. The place also has many bedding venues, and this further makes it ideal for evening weddings.

There is a variety of both local and exotic drinks as well as dishes to keep you thrilled all day and night. It is a safe location that provides a perfect feel of the city.

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Almiral de la Font

Forget about the holiday; let’s talk about giving you and your loved one the perfect wedding venue. Barcelona is generally beautiful, but Almiral de la Font wraps it up in the most exquisite way. After getting married in Barcelona, you can have full access to the most impressive holiday properties in the region.

This place is surrounded by the famous, beautiful Garraf National Park and from here; you can have an excellent view of the sea and mountains around.

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Masia La Garriga

This is the home of weddings in Barcelona. It is located in a serene environment, away from the noise in the city. From Masia La Garriga, you can get a good view of Montserrat Mountain. You will also notice that the Wine Cellar still holds barrels from 1748.

This means that you can have a feel of what the place used to be before architectures embraced the modern techniques.

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At the beach

A beach is still one of the most popular wedding venues from which to take your wedding vows, and in just a short drive from Barcelona, you can be on the magnificent Costa Brava or Tossa de Mar stretches of coastline.

Rustic weddings, where bride, groom, and guests are ferried to picturesque, ‘rustic’ coastal venues, with pristine beaches and mouth-watering views, are becoming increasingly popular.

The venue can be a village square, overlook the beach, or be on the beach. Old coastal fishing villages such as Calafell, Tamarit and Cala Fonda on the Costa Daurada, or Calella de Palafrugel on the Costa Brava are truly atmospheric.

To give the whole event an even greater Spanish feel, ask your wedding coordinator to engage Spanish outside caterers, serving traditional tapas dishes and paella, washed down with cold Spanish beers and local wines.

a man standing on top of a sandy beach

Sitges beach

Sitges Beach has some of the best hotels which are modernly designed to suit your wedding. Other than affordable hotel rooms, the gardens are well improved, and they look fresh throughout the year. If you ever thought of holding your wedding in this city, then this might be a perfect location for it.

a castle with water in the background

In a Castle

If you want a fairy-tale wedding, you have to find a fairy-tale venue, and in ancient Catalonia, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Within an hour’s drive of Barcelona, you can find a half-dozen of those fairy-tale castles you’ve always dreamt about.

Situated between the villages of Cerdanyola del Vallés and Sant Cugat del Vallés, just a twenty-minute drive from the city, sits the 12th century Castell de Sant Marcal. Owned by the same family for over 700 years, the castle sits in its own magnificent gardens, and is a great venue as the backdrop to your special day.

If you would rather go about your nuptials quietly, and want those all-important lifelong memories with just family and close friends, consider booking a few days in Montsonis.

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The history of Castell de Montsonis dates back to the 11th century, although much of it was rebuilt in the 16th century, to protect the then village of Montsonis. Next to the castle is the much younger church, built in the 1700s.

A number of the old village properties have been converted to small boutique hotels and guest-houses for those wishing to spend a little extra time enjoying a taste of rural life in Catalonia.

Just over an hour’s drive down the coast from Barcelona, will see you through Tarragona, to the small town of Tamarit and its 12th century castle.

Sitting on the cliff-top overlooking the bay, the castle provides excellent photo-shoot opportunities for both pre-nuptial and after marriage photographs. At Tamarit, you can choose a cliff-top wedding, get married in the 11th century chapel, or take your vows in the old town’s main square.

Other castles of note around the area for those interested in architecture include the Castell de Montclar at Lleida, Castell d’Empordà, Castell de Torre Baró, and Castell de Montjuïc in Barcelona.

Castell de Montclar

Located in the Urgell region, Castell de Montclar is one of the best places to hold a wedding. This artistic monument is historical, and many couples love it for its architectural design. If you and your significant other are looking to travel in time, then this is the right place to do it. It is one of the most sought-after wedding venues near Barcelona.

The Castell de Montclar is known to provide the best sea and mountain view to keep your eyes entertained. At night, the weather gets calm and naturally soothing. Since the castle is located next to the sea, you can hold a beach wedding in Barcelona.

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Castell d’Empordà

This place is the home of everything that you would wish for your dream wedding. Other than the natural beauty of the region, there are professionals who ensure that your wedding goes as planned. This is an excellent wedding venue despite the weather conditions.

After the wedding, you can walk around the place and breath some fresh air secreted by the surrounding mountains and beaches.

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Castell de Torre Baro

If you like the lovely view of Barcelona, you can get it all from this beautifully designed castle. Nothing feels as good as saying “I do” at the top of one of the most beautiful castles in the world.

At the same time, you will be taking in the cool atmosphere from the surrounding places. Overall, this is a great place for a wedding in Barcelona.

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With its variety of luxury wedding venues Barcelona can’t be beaten.

Whether you prefer the more intimate Barcelona wedding venues for under 50 guests, or you have a guest list of over 200, a local wedding organiser will be able to help you pick the best wedding spots for your wedding, wedding breakfast, and wedding photo-shoots.