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Barcelona in August 2019, should I visit it?

a group of people walking on a beach

Are you wondering whether to visit Barcelona in August? This month of the year in Barcelona is a time when government buildings, banks, and much local industry closes for the summer break, and many residents head out of the city.

With traffic reduced by the closedown, and summer temperatures reaching the mid-high twenties, the young — or young at heart — arrive from all over Europe to enjoy lazy days on the beaches, and party nights in the bars and restaurants of Spain’s second-largest city.

You want to know if Barcelona in August is a good choice? Stay with us in Gotland Charter to find it out!

Should I visit Barcelona in August?

Are you wondering what to do in Barcelona in August? The average temperature in Barcelona in August makes it a fantastic month to visit the city. The beaches are an obvious draw for the sun worshippers and water sports fans, but the city is much more than that.

Spain loves its parties, and throughout August, Barcelona is alive with carnivals, music festivals, and barrio (neighbourhood) parties to suit all ages.

How hot is Barcelona in August?

If you’re one of those people who enjoys getting their skin toasted, you’ll love the weather in Barcelona in August.

Throughout the month, average daytime temperatures sit between 23C and 30C, with night-time averages around 20C. It can also feel quite humid at times. Rainfall though, is unlikely to upset your day to day plans, with a norm of just one or two wet days during the month.

Things to do in Barcelona Spain in August

A little pre-planning is a good idea if you have places you want to visit, parties you want to attend, or specific things you want to do.

If, on the other hand, you’ve decided to adopt the more laid back way of doing things, here are a few ideas you may want to consider during your stay.

Best Barcelona Beaches

Barceloneta Beach is the closest to the city, taking around 20 minutes to stroll to in the summer sunshine. Lined with fast-food outlets and burger bars it is a popular beach with the younger generation.

A little farther along, and close to the Barcelona’s Olympic Marina, the Nova Icaria Beach is popular with tourists and boat owners alike, and lined with Spanish café bars, English bars and good quality restaurants.

Mar Bella Beach is the place to head to if water-sports are your thing. It is home to kayaks, windsurfing and dingy sailing, while Bogatell Beach, twice the size of Nova Icaria, attracts runners, cyclists, skateboarders, and rollerbladers to its wide beachfront walkways.

Have you considered a boat trip in Barcelona?

Whether you’re holidaying with family, friends, or a large celebratory group, you can have the opportunity to enjoy a little time on the ocean waves – or in this case, the calm blue Mediterranean Sea.

Whether a couple of hours sightseeing by water, an intimate meal as the sun dips below the horizon, or a full-blown boat party with all the trimmings, in Gotland Charter you can book a boat trip and we organise the whole experience for you to make it special.

a person sitting in a boat on a body of water

Party on board a catamaran

You don’t have to have a large group of friends to enjoy a few hours sailing around the coast on one of our fabulous cats. With boats suitable for 10 to 125 guests, you can tour with friends or family.

You can arrange casual business meetings and team-building events. Or, you can enjoy a stag, hen, or mixed party, complete with bar, barbeque or buffet, and DJ.

At Gotland Charter we offer catamarans with fixed itinerates, suitable for all who wish to experience a view of Barcelona from the sea, or we will work with you to provide a totally bespoke seaborne experience for you and your party.

An intimate sunset cruise

If your visit to Barcelona in August is to celebrate a special occasion, such as a wedding anniversary or a partner’s birthday, you want the whole experience to make memories that last a lifetime.

Daytime trips to visit some of Barcelona’s most iconic landmarks help make those memories. As do romantic rooftop meals, while enjoying the night-time vista across the city

To add the icing to your special occasion cake, consider an intimate sunset cruise like the ones we offer in Gotland Charter. Your sunset cruise lasts for two hours, start time dependant on time of sunset. You can pick a sailboat for two, or enjoy the company of a small group of like-minded people.

With nibbles and a bottle of cava or wine to toast your special day or relationship, all you have to do is remember to bring your camera.

The nightlife in Barcelona

Like most European sunshine resorts, Barcelona attracts a wide selection of visitors. Eighteen-to-thirty party people mingle with mums, dads, and children. Young couples on their first holiday, mimic the young-at-heart couples celebrating many years together, and Barcelona night-life caters for them all.

Seek out the smaller, more intimate restaurants and terrace bars slightly off the main tourist areas, if you want some quiet couple time. Check out the open-air evening concerts, cocktail bars and flamenco shows.

For the party people, there are live music bars, karaoke bars, and every other kind of bar you can think of. In Barcelona, you can party until the sun comes up.

Neighbourhood festivals in Barcelona

Spain revels in its ability to put on the best carnivals and festivals in the world, and Barcelona certainly does that through the summer months. The barrio parties, or neighbourhood festivals, are held in different areas of the city year-round, and well worth seeking out to enjoy some genuine Spanish hospitality.

The following is just a small selection you can find across the city in August.

Barrio Gótico

Barrio Gótico is not a party, but a whole Gothic quarter in the centre of Barcelona. A twisting maze of medieval streets, the area is home to the Cathedral of Barcelona, Barcelona’s town hall, and the Plaza del Ray, where the Royal Palace has stood since the Middle Ages.

Also in Gotico is the old Jewish Quarter, a museum and a modern shopping centre. An area not to be missed when visiting the city.


After La Mercè, the Gràcia festival is considered the most important to visit. With streets and alleyways colourfully decorated with all manner of weird creations, you begin to feel the party vibe as soon as you arrive.

During the day you can join the street parade through the neighbourhood, watch the human towers going up and down, listen to local rock bands, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. As the sun goes down it’s party time. Dance through the evening, and stop off for a local beer or wine as you meander through the streets with new found friends.

Gràcia runs from the 14th to 20th August.

a group of people walking in front of a crowd


If you miss Gràcia, all is not lost. Four days after, and the fabulous Sants festival begins. As with most Spanish fiestas and festivals, its origins lay in old religious or pagan traditions going back hundreds of years.

Like in Gràcia, streets are painted and decorated by the organisers, and judged as part of the festivities. The neighbourhood is alive with parades, music, singing and dancing.

Castellers (human towers) do their thing, and you can watch feet getting scorched during the fire run. Eventually, as the sun goes down, the whole area becomes one big party.

The Sants neighbourhood festival runs from 24th to 30th August.

Festivals in August 2019

Away from the Spanish neighbourhood festivals, Barcelona also holds a number of different types of festival, to appeal to locals and its international visitors.

Here are a few that are on in August.

Brunch in the Park

Open air electronic music from early afternoon to late evening, with national and international DJs on the turntables.

The music extravaganza is held every Sunday in the fabulous Jardins de Joan Brossa, on the Montjüic hill. With burger and kebab vans onsite, and games and workshops for the little ones in Petit Brunch, everyone will have a great day.

Cap Roig Festival

Held from the 12th July to the 21st August, this is one of the must visit concerts during your stay in Barcelona. The captivating village of Cap Roig is around a 90-minute drive from the city, but worth the journey if just for the scenery alone.

This year’s artists include Jamie Cullum, Diana Krall, Katie Melua, and Ben Harper amongst others.

Other things to do in Barcelona

If nothing has piqued your interest yet, perhaps these final three August activities to do in Barcelona may be all it takes to touch the spot.

Casa Batllo Magic Nights

Designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi, this modernist building has to be seen to be believed. Multi-coloured, with extravagant balconies, tiled interiors, lavish rooms and stained-glass windows, make the whole structure totally unique.

Enjoy a tour of Casa Batllo, before settling down to enjoy an open-air music concert in the grounds. It’s all included in the price.

 Summer Nights at La Pedrera

The warm Mediterranean climate seems to go well with rooftop terraces and chilled wine. Now you can go one better and enjoy an evening of Jazz under the stars at La Pedrera roof terrace. For one of those special couple nights, or a relaxing evening with friends, it ticks all the boxes.

Outdoor Cinemas

Finally, if you want some time away from the music venues, or are a bit of a movie buff, take in a couple of Barcelona’s five open-air cinemas. They can be found at Sala Montjuic–Montjuic, Cinema Lliure–Barceloneta, CosmoNits–CosmoCaixa Barcelona, Gandules–CCCB Montalegre, and Cine al Aire Libre–l’Illa Diagonal. You want to check their websites for screenings and times.

Now you are aware about all you can do in Barcelona in August, are you willing to come?

We’re convinced you’ll have an amazing time and will enjoy its weather!

When are you planning to come? Check the agenda!

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