Sunset cruises in Barcelona

Organize a dream boat trip in Barcelona

Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea are the perfect combinations for you to enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city as well as discover the stimulating nautical world. The range of possibilities offered by sailing on one of our boats is wide and suits all preferences.

Navigate peacefully to the rhythm of the waves, celebrate the best party on the high seas, watch the sun goes down and invade the city with shades and warm orange tones, or dine aboard a historic ship with the beautiful stamp of Barcelona in the background. These are some of the plans we have prepared for you.

Now that you know us a little more, you know that sailing with a big group is not an issue as we can adapt to your preferences. Cruising on a yacht, sailboat or catamaran are the most common ways of enjoying our sea and being able to contemplate the skyline of the city of Barcelona, however, we want to go further. During the tour, our team will not only surprise you by showing you all the secrets of navigation and the main points of interest of the Ciudad Condal but also put at your disposal catering services to complement your trip.

At Gotland Charter, we materialize your successful plan, we listen to your proposals and in this way, we elaborate different options for alternative plans, among which you can choose the one that best suits your wishes. Thus, you can experience sailing at full speed with the motor yacht tour; navigate peacefully with sailboats; Fall in love at the most romantic moment of the day contemplating the sunset on board any of the boats and end the day with an original dinner on board, either as a couple or with a group of friends. We give you all the information you need, all the details and steps to follow so you can enjoy your plan. Discover it!

Sunset Cruises

The sunset, together with the sunrise, is one of the most beautiful moments of the day. It invites you to relax and meditate.  Usually, we don’t enjoy the sunrise as we are still asleep then, however, we can enjoy the beautiful sunset wrapped with magical warm colors and shades.

To think about the sunset is to think about the most romantic time of the day, it’s the perfect time to enjoy with your partner. It’s time to impress your partner and to book a sunset cruise for both of you to enjoy the sunset from the Mediterranean Sea. For this occasion, we choose welcoming boats, the smaller ones of our fleet, made for couple charters, and even for groups between 9 to 11 people.

catamaran sunset with sails

You can also enjoy the sunset with your friends on board. Plan it as a warm-up for the night or after an intense day to relax. To book a sunset cruise is the perfect plan!

The sunset cruise lasts approximately 2 hours that is adapted exactly to the sunset time. During your trip, we will provide you with a cold bottle of cava or wine so that you can have a toast with your partner or friends. It’s easy, you don’t need anything, not even sunscreen!

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