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Barcelona in February 2020: Fun Things to Do!

a group of people walking down the street

To visit Barcelona in February, is to become a part of one of the most adventurous and romantic places in all of Europe. From spending Valentine’s day with a fantastic partner to enjoying local festivities and cultural happenings.

It would be impossible to exhaust your adventure under the winter sun in Barcelona during the month of February.

If you are wondering if it is a good time of year to visit the city, in Gotland Charter we will resolve all your doubts. You will definitely enjoy your trip!

How is the weather in Barcelona in February?

If you are wondering, “Is Barcelona hot in February?” It is not. The average temperature in Barcelona in February has a high of 15 degrees and a low of just over 8 degrees centigrade. It may just be the perfect temperature to enjoy the sights that Barcelona has to offer.

If you can believe it, there are only 4 to 5 rainy days throughout the month on average, and you can plan to leave the rain gear behind.

What should you wear when visiting Barcelona in February?

Don’t you know what to wear in Barcelona in February? Well, it might surprise you to know how little is needed to be comfortable throughout your visit. Now that you are aware of the average temperatures feel free to dress in light, casual attire during the day.

More importantly, you will want to pack a few more additional layers to wear throughout the evening and into the night as the local temperatures become cooler.

Activities You Shouldn’t Miss

When you travel to Barcelona in February there are just some activities you have to plan into your trip ahead of time. Especially if you are seeking to obtain a positive, long-lasting impression of your visit long after you’ve left.

Keep reading to discover more things to do in Barcelona in February.

Sunset Cruise in Barcelona

If you’ve never been in Barcelona, there’s one activity to choose from within this list, a sunset cruise as the ones we offer in Gotland Charter.

Is it even possible to imagine what a winter sunset over Barcelona looks like from the Mediterranean without experiencing it first hand? The city’s view is wonderful from the sea, as you can see the sunset with an amazing orange sky.

Not to mention the benefit of the sun setting earlier in the winter season, allowing you to plan for a full night of fun ahead.

Barcelona Boat Tour

a boat on a body of water

Seeking a more in-depth tour of Barcelona from the Mediterranean is an outstanding choice for the travelers wishing to create a more lasting impression of the city from a unique point of view.

We offer an unique, one of a kind yacht tour of Barcelona that allows you to see Barcelona from an uncommon perspective outside of the city walls.

Enjoy a Catalan Calçotada

Enjoying a Catalan Calçotada is an immediate invitation to become a real part of the culture of the city of Barcelona. Wondering what a Calçot is? It is a thin green onion, with a small white bulb at its end.

It is enjoyed throughout the winter season by many of the locals who prefer to eat them grilled and dipped into a sauce known as romesco. Find them in traditional restaurants or at an outdoor BBQ.

How About the Events?

When thinking about what to do in Barcelona in February, you can not pass by the opportunity to attend at least one of the many celebrations hosted in this beautiful city.

Barcelona events in February are among some of the most world-renowned and are just plain fun to attend.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

If the latest in mobile technology is part of your passion, career, or business, then you don’t want to miss the amazing networking opportunity that the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona offers.

This yearly event falls between the days of the 24th and the 27th of February, 2020. It is expected to draw in close to 109,000 individuals from 198 different countries and territories.

Party at the Sitges Carnival

The Sitges Carnival takes place every year in February at the quaint beach town of Sitges, situated just half an hour from the south end of Barcelona. The carnival festivities carry on for an entire week and consist of over the top indulgent in dress, parade, concert, and general good times.

The dates for the 2020 carnival are February 18th to the 26th.

Chinese New Year

The year of the rat will begin on January 25, 2020. The vibrant Chinese community of almost 20,000 individuals found throughout Barcelona hosts several traditional celebrations for this date in time.

From parades to dances, and performance, many of these celebrations take place around the Arc de Triomf in the Eixample district.

a crowd of people watching a colorful kite

Famous Festivals and Local Parties

Barcelona in February is full of parties and concerts to become a part of. They are as much a part of the city as the very architecture itself.

From the traditional to the modern and cutting edge, take a look at the short-list below and make time in your travels to attend at least one of them.

Santa Eulàlia Festival

Looking for a more traditional celebration while you are in Barcelona? Then you may want to attend the winter festival of Santa Eulalia. Recognized as a holy day on February 11th every year, the festival contains a number of traditional dances such as the Sardana, the fire runs, and the human towers to name a few.

The parades play host to lavish and mythical costumes, beasts, and mythical creatures of the past, all converging over the center of the city of Barcelona.

Llum BCN

If you are looking for a more unique and non-traditional experience while you are in Barcelona, then you can’t miss the Llum BCN. A dazzling display of light art that illuminates the city of Barcelona during the time of the Santa Eulalia Festival.

Nothing is out of reach for the projection of light emitted across the city’s architecture and sculptures, adding all-new dimensions to the cities already historical nature.

This particular happening has normally occurred around the Gothic quarter of the city, and for the past two years has been held in the Poblenou quarter. Don’t miss it during February of 2020!

After this list of recommendations, you are definitely ready to visit Barcelona in February and live one of your best experiences in the city. From Gotland Charter we wish you a happy journey!

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