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Visiting Barcelona in October 2019: Weather and Best Things To Do

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October is a very good month for visiting Barcelona. After the summer’s heat and hustle and bustle of the main tourist season, Barcelona in October is a lot less crowded, with plenty of social and cultural opportunities.

Also, the weather is still mild while not overbearing or too hot and the autumn season creates a perfect romantic aura to set in motion those more intimate activities.

But don’t worry if you’re not sure about what to do yet. In Gotland Charter we’ll explain everything you need to know if you visit Barcelona in this season.

Weather in Barcelona in October

October temperatures in Barcelona are ideal for those who aren’t fans of the intense summer heat. The daytime temperature in Barcelona can reach around 22°C (73°F).

At night, the average temperature in Barcelona in October is around 14°C (58°F).

With a good amount of sunshine in this autumn month, there’s also the chance of rainy showers. However, with a brolly to hand, enjoying the great outdoors is still very feasible, including the beach during a holiday in the city.

The more adventurous may enjoy a dip in the sea, which is around 22°C (72°F) in October on Barcelona’s shores.

What to pack

With the onset of autumn in Barcelona in October, this stylish, upbeat, city adopts a local informal dress code that tends to be rather conservative, covering up with lightweight clothing and layering jumpers and jackets over t-shirts or blouses in case the weather is changeable.

This approach is useful, for example, when visiting one of Barcelona’s churches where modest dress is essential. A sensible packing list will include versatile clothing, with comfort in mind when out and about, especially if doing a lot of walking.

When you visit Barcelona in October, a lightweight jacket and waterproof are recommended in case of rain showers. Also, when considering what to wear during a visit, don’t forget to pack suitable shoes for walking, as well shoes for smarter occasions like going out in the evenings.

Smart-casual attire, modest colours and versatility are the main thoughts to bear in mind when considering what to wear in Barcelona in October.

Things to do in Barcelona in October

The city offers a plethora of activities and attractions, so it’s impossible you can’t find a bunch of things to do in Barcelona in October. Inspirational ideas include visiting the city’s Gothic Quarter, the various museums, markets or even the beaches for rest and relaxation.

Most of all, October is a time for festivals in the city where visitors can indulge in the local arts and culture and let their hair down.

In-Edit Barcelona

When: From October 24th to November 3rd

Where: Aribau Multicines (Carrer d’Aribau, 8-10)

The Barcelona weather in late October has cooled off sufficiently to make the In-Edit festival a truly wonderful experience. In-Edit is a ticketed festival of cinema and music, with a spectacular range of musical genres to motivate and inspire.

It takes place from 24th October to 3rd November, offering a good range of dates to attend.

Sitges International Film Festival

When: From October 3rd to October 13th

Where: Hotel Meliá Sitges (Carrer de Joan Salvat-Papasseit, 38), Auditori Meliá (Carrer de Joan Salvat-Papasseit, 38) and several locations in Sitges.

This international film festival adopts the unusual themes of science-fiction, horror and fantasy, guaranteeing a really gripping and unique experience.

It’s held from 4th-14th October and attracts many of the top stars. In recent years, famous actors like Nicolas Cage, John Carpenter and Ed Harris have met here.

This ticketed festival takes place in the coastal resort of Sitges, around 20 miles from Barcelona, but is really worth the short journey.

Halloween Parties

When: October 31st

Where: All over Barcelona

Although not an original tradition of Spain or Catalonia, Halloween is still very popular in Barcelona. Experience the vibrant atmosphere with fancy dress parties where people dress up as ghosts, ghouls, witches and zombies to frighten and enliven one another.

The city has special shops for costume hire (e.g. Clair’s) and visitors can also try their hand at pumpkin carving when taking part in the city’s celebrations.

All Saints day in Spain is a public holiday, so there are numerous Halloween parties in the days leading up to the festival. On the night of Halloween itself, all the top Barcelona clubs and night spots come alive with jiving and celebrating by locals and visitors alike.

Of course, there are more sedate Halloween activities like city ghost tours to conjure up the spirit of the festival.

48h Open House

When: October 26th and October 27th

Where: All over Barcelona

The 48h Open House event gives visitors the opportunity to access around 200 unusual sites for free. The main goal of the event is promoting the city’s architecture to portray local culture.

First launched in 2010, the event now has international renown. With individual houses, monuments, museums and more all open to the public, getting a true taste of life in the city will be a highly impressive, moving and enlightening experience.

Oktoberfest in Barcelona

When: From October 3rd to October 13th

Where: Plaza Universo (Av. Reina de María Cristina, 2)

Originally stemming from Munich in Germany, Oktoberfest is a massive festival that’s now spread to international cities like Barcelona. With all the features of the German festival such as beer and bratwurst, Oktoberfest takes place during the first week of October, kicking off in the late afternoons until late at night.

In previous years, it’s been held on the Plaza Universo where there’s a large festival tent hosting numerous bars. Sample beer from different countries and dance the night away to music.

The event has no entrance fee and is suitable for the entire family, with fun activities for children too.

Still time for a yacht tour

When: Every day

Where: Mediterranean Sea

If, after much time spent on foot and dry land walking around the city, the temptation is to try something different like exploring the coastline on a yacht tour like the ones we offer in Gotland Charter, that are really easy to book.

With the wind in everyone’s hair and the refreshing sea air to breathe, a yacht tour is an excellent sightseeing opportunity, allowing a different perspective of the city from the water.

Booking online helps to plan any Barcelona trip, taking in this yacht adventure with plenty of photo opportunities.

Sunset cruise

When: Every day

Where: Mediterranean Sea

As the nights draw in during October, fill hours of dusk by going on a sunset cruise when in Barcelona. Watch the sun’s reddish-golden rays dip down slowly over the horizon, bathing everything in a beautiful warm light before disappearing.

For some of the best sunset sightseeing opportunities in Barcelona, take the opportunity to book a cruise.

As the weather is still good during October, this activity will be a wonderful highlight of any trip, opening up beautiful views and treasured memories.

Castellers Perform

When: On Saturdays and Sundays

Where: All over Barcelona.

A true cultural phenomenon in Barcelona and beyond, the Castellers are human towers and are a tradition that dates back to the late 18th century.

As part of the formation, people form a human vertical trunk-like structure in varying numbers (from 1 to 9) on each level. Youngsters then climb to the top to ‘crown’ the human tower, thanks to their agility and lightness. Once in position, they salute the crowds.

Every castle is unique while adhering to specific techniques. The beginning and end of each performance are marked by special music for gathering in the square at the start and refreshment time when the performance is over.

Performances run throughout October on Sundays, usually in front of the cathedral. The Castellers de Barcelona group began life in 1969, with members originally coming from an area where this was long-standing tradition. The majority came from Vilafranca del Penedès, around 30 miles from Barcelona. Today, the various Castellers groups comprise locals from many parts of the city and further afield.

La Castanyada

When: November 1st — Enjoyable from October to February

Where: All over Barcelona

La Castanyada takes place on All Saints Day, 1st November, across various locations in the city. La Castanyada means ‘the time of chestnuts’ and during this period, chestnuts are roasted and eaten along with sweet potatoes and pastries, all washed down with sweet muscatel wine.

Typically, the chestnuts are sold at street stalls from October to the end of February. They’re a delicious and inexpensive snack (around €2.50 for a bag of chestnuts and €4.00 for sweet potatoes).

It’s a pleasure to enjoy hot chestnuts, especially as the autumn weather sets in, even though many people are still in t-shirts when the first chestnut stalls are set up in October.

Before you travel

It’s sensible to plan a trip to Barcelona before departing to ensure the journey there and back, as well as the stay, are as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Of course, check to make sure all travel documentation like tickets, passport and possibly driving licence are packed safely. Consider travel insurance and medical cover in the unlikely case of accidents or illness while away.

Before leaving, weighing cases and hand luggage is a good idea if flying to make sure weight limits are respected. Also make sure that your items are correctly packed in line with hand-luggage regulations and luggage content restrictions.

Since October is still a popular month for people visiting Barcelona, events can get booked up. So, consider making advance plans and prepare an itinerary by booking ahead, if possible. This will ensure the holiday runs to plan and there’s no wasted time going through booking formalities when actually there.

Also, planning ahead means minimal unwanted ‘downtime’ drumming fingers and wondering how to fill the day if an event is booked up.

Hopefully the simple Gotland Charter‘s tips we have recommended above will ensure an excellent trip to Barcelona in October, one of many to come in the future!

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