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Terms and Conditions

Gotland Charter


The present notice regulates the use of the web site service

The use of the web site web implies the complete agreement with the present terms of use that are permanently exposed in this web site, in the current published version and applicable in each moment. If you don’t agree with them, you must not use the web site.

Terms of use

The pages in the web site web can be visited freely by users except for the pages which are closed or only for subscription users.

As a condition for the use of the web site, the user accepts to make an adequate use of the contents and services that offers in this web site and not to use them for any unlawful or prohibited activity contrary to current legislation, to broadcast contents or propaganda of racist, xenophobic, pornographic, illegal, apology of terrorism or attempting against human rights, to use the site in any manner that could damage the physical and logical systems of, its providers or any third party,to introduce or broadcast any computer virus that may produce any harm mentioned before. only authorizes the usage of its contents by other web sites, in the way they wish, provided that they don’t reproduce the contents of the web site In the case of establishing a hyperlink to any of its pages, the user has to know that he/she is entering and the URL must be shown in its navigator.


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Users must refrain of obtaining or trying to obtain the contents using any means different than those that have been provided for that purpose in the web pages where they are.


Exclusion of liability has the right to modify at any moment, the presentation, configuration and localization of the site, as well as the contents and conditions required for its use. The user acknowledges and accepts that the access and use of the site web and its contents takes place freely and consciously, under his/her own responsibility. doesn’t guarantee the availability and continuity of the site web and doesn’t take any liability of whatsoever damages produced or that can be produced in the future, neither of the technical defects whatever its nature, derived from the use of the information and matters in the web site


Personal/Company data

Contact Address

Barcelona 08005
Telephone: +34 932 240 140




These General Conditions of Use and contracting will regulate the provision of services that GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. will provide through this Website (hereinafter, the Website).

Number of C.I.F .: B-61579033
Address: Calle Sant Lluc 15, Premià de Mar 08330
Contact email:
Company registration: Registro Mercantil de Barcelona al tomo 30448 general, folio 189 hoja B número 177124 inscripción. Owner of trade mark GOTLAND CHARTER

GOTLAND CHARTER is the commercial brand that aims to organize boat charter services. To fulfill its objective, GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. has created a virtual store on the web, through which it markets its service.

1.- Acceptance of the general conditions of use and contracting when contracting the services of the Website. The Users accept these General Conditions of Use and Contracting, which define the rights and obligations of GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. and the Users in the framework of the Website and the service. For the access to the Website, the registration of the Users will not be required. However, in order to contract the services offered by GOTLAND SURVEY S.L., the User’s registration and acceptance of these conditions will be required before formalizing the corresponding payment.
Object of the website: GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. has developed this Website to offer Users a reservation service for the activity at different times and dates.

2.- General rules – In order to acquire the services offered in this store, the fields with the required data must be filled out and accept these general conditions. This acceptance will mean express, full and unreserved compliance, with all the general conditions set out in the version published on the website and that will bind both parties. – GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. provides a service with full legal coverage, quality assurance and corresponding insurance.


  1. 1. Voucher issuance – The system will issue a personal voucher detailing the service purchased specifying the total price and taxes. It also specifies the place and time of boarding, as well as the different means of contact in case of need. – All transactions will be made through secure payment platforms and with full guarantee of data confidentiality. – The cards admitted are those that belong to the VISA, Master Card and American Express network. – After validation of the payment, the transaction will be final and a confirmation email will be sent detailing the transaction details.
    3. 2. Bond delivery – The bonus can be saved and used in paper or digital format, so that it can be shown to our staff. – The voucher in paper format will be delivered to our staff during the check-in process, just before the start of the service. – The voucher in digital format will be displayed in a way that is perfectly legible to our staff during the check-in process, just before the start of the service.
  2. Cancellations, changes or modifications in the voucher – Once the purchase is made, changes and cancellations can only be made up to 1 week before the service is provided. – The exchange system will always be through the Customer Service Center (Tel .: +34 661 352 482, email: where they will confirm the change and process the possible returns. – No cancellations can be made within 7 days of the service. GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. will return 50% of the total amount of the service contracted for cancellations made between 14 days and 7 hours before the event. GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. will refund 100% of the amount paid for cancellations made more than 14 days in advance. GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. is not responsible for cancellations due to force majeure.
  3. Procedure to formalize the contract. Once the client has selected the services, he will click on the “pay” button and fill in the form with his data. From this moment, he will be considered a client of GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. , and it will be considered that it accepts all the general conditions of purchase and the specific conditions of each product or service.


Prices: The prices indicated in our boat charter rates have VAT included, GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. , reserves the right to vary its prices throughout the year.


  1. Customer Commitments:

The client:

  • Be of legal age. Minors must be accompanied.
  • To have signed the conditions contract.
  • Respect the safety rules on the boat and the instructions of the captain or his crew.


     The right of admission is reserved. The captain and his crew reserve the right of admission:

– if the person shows signs of drunkenness

– if their behavior can disturb the purpose of the trip to have fun in a fun and controlled.


7. Cancellations due to impossibility of development:

GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. reserves the right to cancel the activity, prior to and during the development of the same, for various reasons (technical, logistical, because of the weather or any cause beyond the control of participants and organizers, which could endanger the integrity of the passengers or the ship). So GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. will facilitate another date or schedule to the participant. In this case, the client / participant will never be able to claim payment of compensation for not performing the experience on the first date agreed.

In case the client / participant can not change the date or time, GOTLAND SURVEY SL will make a 100% refund of the amount paid by the client / participant, who can never claim compensation for not doing activity.


8.Cancellation in case of bad weather48 hours before the start of the service we have a good and reliable weather forecast.In case of bad weather forecast, the client / participant has the option to cancel the service or leave it for another day.In case of cancellation for this reason and in this period of time, a 100% refund is made.Under no circumstances are cancellations accepted once the service has started.Means bad weather: heavy rain, strong wind or sea conditions that endanger navigation, guests or crewGOTLAND SURVEY S.L. reserves the right to decide if the weather forecast allows navigation and the conditions are sufficient for the correct performance of the service.Sometimes the weather conditions change during the day without fulfilling the forecasts and giving rise to conditions that, although they allow safe navigation, are not ideal for the correct development of the activity. In this case GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. proceed by informing clients at the time of check-in personally and once embarked by the captain that the state of the sea is not ideal, that the client / participant wishing to cancel their reservation and not participate in the activity can do so in that moment and your data will be taken to proceed to 100% of the return of your reservation. Customers / participants wishing to stay on board, once the trip has started, can not cancel or opt for partial return of the service.Unofficially we communicate that the philosophy of the company is that customers are satisfied and have a good time. So, if we believe that these premises are not going to be fulfilled within 48 hours, we inform and advise the client of the cancellation. On occasion we have had attempted cancellation by weather forecast cloudy or rain forecast weak at 30% probability. This, for example, would not lead to cancellation due to bad weather

9.Injuries: GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. is not responsible for any physical damage that may occur during the activity, the client or his companions, either on board the boat or at the boarding pier. The client can not claim GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. any indemnity payment for these reasons.GOTLAND SURVEY S.L. It has a compulsory passenger insurance and a civil liability insurance which are those that take care of the expenses caused by the possible physical damages during an activity.

10.Damages and / or loss:In case of accident caused by the client due to accidental and involuntary causes, the client will be exempt from any type of payment, since our insurance covers the damages in these cases. However, if the loss is caused by the customer’s misconduct, for example, ignoring the instructions of the crew, reckless behavior, GOTLAND SURVEY SL will take the appropriate legal measures so that the customer causing the loss takes over the repair total damage to the vessel.

11. Arbitration and applicable lawsThe discrepancies will be resolved in the Consumer Arbitration Board of the city of Barcelona or, as the case may be, in the Courts of Barcelona, ​​and the applicable regulations will be in force regarding electronic commerce and Spanish legislation.