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Boats for Events

Special boat events in Barcelona

An important day, a celebration, an event to organize… The events and celebrations are part of our memories and we want them to be unique, and unforgettable for all attendees. How do we achieve this? We escape from the routine to get away for a few hours from the urban hustle and into the other Barcelona, which is seen from the sea in a pleasant, different and relaxed way. The desire to enjoy an unforgettable day aboard a boat with your loved ones, work colleagues or friends, becomes the ideal occasion to contemplate the coast of Barcelona and live an incredible experience at the Mediterranean Sea.

Yachts & Boat Rentals For Events And Weddings

Why Celebrate Your Event In Yacht With Us?

The offer of activities on board that we put at your disposal is very wide and also so varied that you will be surprised with proposals such as having a barbecue in the sea, listen to live music, take an incredible dip in the sea or, at nightfall, taste a magnificent dinner with the best views of the city.

These are some of the reasons why we think you should book your event with us:

  • We are owners of our vessels; therefore we have immediate access to availability and also can provide you offers and discounts depending on our demand for a given day.
  • We are exclusively dedicated to renting boats for events and our staff is trained and focused on that goal.
  • We have 20 years of experience in offering boat services for groups.
  • We work with the most reputable agencies in Barcelona and worldwide.
  • The boats are designed, from the moment of their construction, with the objective of carrying out events on board.
  • We believe in our objective that customers must live a good experience onboard and that is why we have the best cancellation policies, whether due to bad weather or adverse sea conditions.

The clients that have rented our boats to organize their events usually have a very good memory, so much so, that many of them, even from faraway countries, return to Barcelona and book with us again. The truth is that it is a pleasure to receive a call or email from a satisfied customer who wants to repeat. To celebrate an event on one of the ships of the Gotland charter fleet will become a memorable date. All the activities that we offer are designed so that all attendees make the most of their day at sea. Choosing us for your event will be a decision that you will not regret.

Tailor Made Events In Barcelona

We have proposals for any type of boat event. All of our proposals are tailor-made to suit your celebration.

The yachts, catamarans, and sailboats for rent conform to all the requirements that your celebration demands. Whether it’s a wedding, a bachelor party, a business meeting or a few hours’ getaways, we ensure the day with a wide range of activities and the best crew. You can complement your outing with a meal on the high seas, enjoy our water activities, organize a wine tasting, dance to the music of your choice … any of these experiences, or any other you propose, fits onboard our boats for events. We turn your celebration into a totally special and personalized occasion.

Birthdays Celebrations And Anniversaries

Celebrate your birthday at sea and spend a special day that none of your guests will forget. Enjoy the coast of Barcelona and all the possibilities it offers. Our activities will be the perfect complement to make the most of a birthday celebrated in the Mediterranean.

We have created a line of rates and services adapted to groups celebrating birthday and anniversary events so that, at an optimal price, all groups have the possibility to enjoy their designated day, celebration or event. No matter the group size, we have the boat and the service that best suits your needs, but remember that if you want to organize your anniversary celebration on a Saturday, you should know that it is the most demanded day of the week. We recommend you to confirm your reservation well in advance to ensure availability.

"Everything has to be perfect and unforgettable"

Boats For Weddings In Barcelona

It is often said that the day of the wedding is one of the most special days in a person’s life and that the organization of such an event can become a real puzzle: the ceremony, the restaurant, the menu, the decoration, the cake, the music and, sometimes, even the choice of the guests!!

We know that the requirement in this type of celebration is high and that is the way it should be, not only to fulfill all the expectations of the couple but also of the guests, who must carry a great memory with them, besides the already well-known photos and videos.

One option that we offer you from Gotland is the organization of your wedding on a boat, in a totally different atmosphere than the conventional. On one side the horizon, on the other the city of Barcelona from a distance, the sea as a witness and in the middle, there’s you, celebrating your marriage or banquet, accompanied by your most beloved ones.

Getting married aboard one of the ships of the fleet will turn your wedding into a unique event filled with new sensations.

Boat Wedding Party for up to 120 Guests

At Gotland Charter, we put at your disposal all our experience so that your wedding day is absolutely special and so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Our staff will take care of everything and offer your guests the best service.

Music, activities and an excellent menu board our VIP boat, or a fun barbecue for up to 120 people, if you choose one of the catamarans, where fun, music, entertainment and even a dip in the sea is guaranteed.

Event organized by Marca Condal, specialists in unique events.

Do you want to celebrate a wedding on a boat?

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Boat for event in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona offers a wide variety of places that you can visit for vacations or to spend a season, but if you decide to celebrate a special occasion with an event to which you can invite your loved ones and relatives, you can also find a variety of spaces that the metropolis offers you for it.

Although, one of the main attractions of the city is that it is geographically located in a privileged area that offers a wide coastline, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, so the options to enjoy a event in Barcelona are almost endless.

Gotland Charter is a company that has been in charge of bringing the sea closer to people for more than 25 years, offering boats for rent to its clients for short tours, walks and even has large and capacity boats, to take carry out all kinds of social or corporate events.

So, whether it is a meeting for workers, birthday celebration, anniversary, weddings, bachelor parties or any other type of event, you should consider the opportunity that Gotland Charter offers you to do it sailing in any of its boats for the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, enjoying a privileged climate throughout the year that you can only find in Barcelona.

Day boat rental Barcelona

If it is a celebration that can last a day, you can consult with the Gotland Charter staff who will gladly provide you with the necessary advice so that you can organize your event aboard a vessel of your choice. You can choose between different models of yachts, with capacity between 4 and 12 people, or impressive sailboats that can receive up to 30 guests or even majestic catamarans, which can accommodate up to 120 people so that your celebration is as large and spectacular as you prefer.

Each of the boats is equipped with advanced technology, appropriate furniture, equipment for different activities and includes a qualified crew for handling the ship and the attention of each of the guests. Similarly, the boats available have been specially designed to hold events on them, so it is possible to adapt the spaces according to the activities you want to do and the group of people who will accompany you. This celebration aboard a Gotland Charter vessel for a day will give you enough memorable moments for you and your guests to remember this fantastic experience for the rest of your lives.

Hire a boat to host an event Barcelona

Nothing like celebrating a special occasion on the high seas because you have privacy and exclusivity that would be very difficult to achieve in any other space. In addition, you will be able to combine the immensity of the Mediterranean with the majestic landscape that extends over the Catalan coast, delighting each of your guests and giving you the best views of Barcelona from the high seas.

Gotland Charter has more than 25 years of experience in renting boats for all kinds of events so you can find qualified advice to carry out your activity in the best way, adapting to your budget and offering a wide variety of options in terms of the boats available according to the number of people, also the activities that you can do while sailing and the equipment that you can have to satisfy each of your guests.

To host an event on board a ship Gotland Charter has trained and specialized crew to provide the best service so you can leave the development of the activity in their hands and dedicate yourself to enjoying the experience together with others. companions.

Each celebration is memorable but you can assure that if you decide to hold it on the coast of Barcelona, ​​in any of the boats that Gotland Charter has available, the occasion will remain in the memory of each of the guests as one of the most unique experiences they had.

Organize event on a boat Barcelona

Every event requires planning so if you decide to carry it out on the high seas aboard a ship in the Mediterranean Sea, you also need time to organize all the details. Gotland Charter has more than 25 years of experience in organizing activities on their boats for all kinds of celebrations or events, so they are the perfect allies to accompany you in the organization.

First, it is necessary to contemplate the date that is planned, since according to it, the availability of the boats will be available. Similarly, the number of people you want to invite is one of the data that will allow you to find the boat that best fits the group.

In Gotland Charter we have a line of rates and services that are very well adapted to the needs of each customer, to offer an optimal pricing according to the requirements of the special occasion. Likewise, a series of activities are available depending on the type of celebration, which includes the necessary equipment to carry them out and the crew that will be in charge of carrying them out at the right time.

Within the plans of some events, the decoration, the musical atmosphere, the food and drink, animation, water games, photos and videos, among others, are usually contemplated, but the customer can also add or exclude any that he considers, which guarantees that each event is a unique experience, in which a personalized celebration is obtained to the taste of each client.

Whatever the event you carry out from one of Gotland Charter boats, counting on the proximity to the sea, the warm Mediterranean wind and the imposing landscapes that highlight the urban architecture of the city of Barcelona in perfect contrast with the Catalan coasts it will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on each of the participants, who will have wonderful memories of the entire experience.