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Scattering ashes at sea

Final wishes

“The irremediable cycle of life in which everything that is born, dies and is reborn”

Scattering ashes at sea to say goodbye to our loved ones

Because we love our loved ones, it becomes really important to be able to fulfill their last wishes and offer them the rest they deserve in the best possible way.

We live by the sea and scattering ashes to rest in the Mediterranean has become one of the most requested funeral services, in addition to being, why not say it, more delicate, elegant and that best connects with nature, the one in charge of carrying out that unstoppable cycle of our life.

We can help you.

Our boat has the necessary permits granted by the Captaincy Maritime and the Ministry of Development. We comply with all the requirements demanded for the realization of the activity.

From €400.00 with VAT included

What it consists of

Our boat, a motor yacht with a capacity of up to 11 people, leaves from Port Olímpic, Barcelona, and, although we could leave from other ports, the work of scattering the ashes is always carried out in front of the same Port Olímpic.

After receiving the clients, giving them our condolences and a brief explanation of the operation of the boat, along with the details of the service, we leave the base port to sail for 15-20 minutes in walk mode up to two miles out to sea, the equivalent to just over 3 km by land. Once we are at the exact point allowed and indicated by the Captaincy, the ceremony and scattering of ashes is carried out.

We play the music selected by the client, who is responsible for throwing the urn into the sea and accompanying the farewell with some floral offering. At no time do we drop anchor to anchor.

After keeping a few minutes of respect, we return to port and will deliver to the clients a letter type souvenir with the exact location of the urn and other details.

Included in the price

  • 15 meter motor yacht with skipper and a maximum of 11 clients.
  • Appetizer (olives, fuet, potatoes, nuts) and drinks (2-3 per person).
  • Use of stereo equipment.
  • 1.5 hours of duration.

Price: From €400 VAT included.

Extras you can add:

  • Full pick-up and drop-off service
  • Catering
  • Extra hour of sailing
  • Sale of ecological urn
  • Live music

You should know that to be able to scatter ashes at sea…

You need a certificate issued by the incinerator company for the removal of the ashes, of the remains of prostheses or any metallic component that could contaminate the sea.

The urn must be ecological and biodegradable, any other material that does not comply with the regulations is totally prohibited.

The service is carried out during the day, from sunrise to one hour before sunset.

It is absolutely forbidden to dump any other object, apart from the urn itself, with the only exception of a floral offering consisting of petals of natural flowers, never bouquets, wreaths or flowers that include stems.

Una mano echando suavemente pétalos de rosa al mar como si fueran cenizas, con la ciudad de Barcelona de fondo

We try to make it a very natural and respectful service, we understand the delicacy and the feeling of the moment as the elements that mark the activity

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