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10 Romantic things to do in Barcelona

a woman sitting next to a body of water

Barcelona is renowned for its romantic scenery. It’s narrow and winding fairy-tale streets are littered with picturesque cafes and restaurants, ideal for couples looking to wind away the evening hours. That’s not to mention the food and drink itself; a perfect accompaniment to an intimate evening.

You have luscious views over the Mediterranean Sea, offering perfect vantage points to observe the sunset over glistening waters or to watch the world slowly coming to life in the morning over a shared café tier.

Put simply, Barcelona is one of the most romantic city getaways in Europe and in Gotland Charter we want to tell you 5 perfect things to do on your next romantic break.

Romantic Barcelona, activities for couples in love

With a wonderful combination of new and old, Barcelona offers couples a romantic weekend or extended stay. Whether you’re familiar with the city or a novice to Spanish travel, this list identifies the best activities for couples in love.

Aside from booking a stellar hotel ideally located along the coast or in the old town, you’ll want to get out there and explore the sights and sounds of this charming city.

The old town area of El Gótico and beachfront provide a chance to wander hand in hand with your loved one. Both as a first-date hotspot and an anniversary away, Barcelona is perfect for couples.

These romantic things to do in Barcelona are great for setting off your romantic weekend breaks in the city or for including in a longer romantic break in this stunning country.

Enjoy a romantic sunset cruise

Cruises are a beautiful way to cap your trip in Barcelona and relish in views of the city from the sea. Where your days can be spent wandering the gorgeous old town and seaside promenades, a sunset cruise is a perfect, romantic option for savouring the setting sun.

a sunset behind a boat on the beach

Don’t be put off by the name “cruise”, in Gotland Charter you can choose intimate, small vessels which host no more than 11 people in exclusive locations away from traffic. You’ll be treated to a drink and snacks, making the cruise an ideal pre-dinner excursion before landing back in Barcelona.

Most of all, it’s romantic – where you experience the softly rolling glistening seas with the sound of the port, the bird life and city in the distance, and the sun slowly setting with an orange, red and yellow glow reflected in the waters beneath you.

There are a large list of amazing spots in Barcelona to enjoy the sunset, but the best romantic breaks are made better by sunset cruises.

Share a paella

Spain’s signature rice dish, paella, is a special romantic meal to share between two. Dig right into this shared shallow pan of delicious food (preferably cooked over an open flame) and pair it with a glass of Rioja or dry rosé.

Seen as though you’re right on the coast, a seafood paella would be ideal, but other options include rabbit, black rice and vegetarian dishes.

The most romantic spots are right on the beachfront, at restaurants like La Barraca, offering stunning views and after dinner strolls on the beach. Other options include the tastefully decorated 7 Portes, a stunning restaurant dating from the 19th century which has hosted the likes of Orson Welles, among others.

The truth is, you can eat paella just about anywhere in Barcelona, so choose a restaurant that exudes charm and passion. A romantic Barcelona evening is made better with a shared paella.

Sleep on a boat

For a more intimate sunset cruise, you can stay the night aboard a small boat with well-provisioned amenities. Aside from basking in the spectacular Mediterranean night sky, you’ll have a night to truly remember with your partner.

a man and a woman standing in front of water

Surprisingly, the sea itself is the most romantic place in Barcelona. You can spend one of your nights during your Barcelona romantic weekend in a stunning and intimate boat setting. You’ll wake to the lapping waters of the Mediterranean Sea before making land and exploring a new perspective of Barcelona from the seaside.

If you like the idea, we can offer you the best experience. ¡Just ask us!

Have tapas in a terrace

There are plenty of stunning neighbourhoods in Barcelona which offer charming open squares with tapas bars offering quintessential local food and wine. Gràcia, with its beloved squares and bohemian vibe, is a more local section of Barcelona which takes you away from the noisy tourist crowds. When it comes to enjoying tapas, Gràcia also offers many must-visit bars and restaurants. These include BaraVas, Le Pepita, Sol Soler and Santa Gula, each of which offers their own low-key character with fresh and exciting menus which change with the seasons.

From the fun and energetic to the quiet and romantic, you may just want to spend your entire night here with the charming locals and delicious plates of Pa amb Tomàquet. You can take the metro to Fontana for easy access to this area which offers a great late afternoon and evening of romantic memory making.

Romantic breakfast in Bunker del Carmel

When you’re not clambering down to your hotel’s breakfast bar, take a walk and have a romantic breakfast at Bunker del Carmel. Bunker del Carmel is a Spanish Civil War anti-aircraft bunker atop Turó de la Rovira, offering near-birds-eye panoramic views over the city. This is one of the most romantic places in Barcelona.

The sunrise from this fairly viewpoint is spectacular. Taking a taxi cab or a scooter to the top is fun and easy. You can either grab a breakfast to go and sit to watch the sunrise with a picnic, or watch the sunrise and then visit one of Barcelona’s finest coffee shops.

Either way, the views of the cityscape and coast in the distance are a romantic way to start the day. It’s secluded enough to feel intimate, but not so much as to be out of the way or undeveloped (the site was renovated in the 2000s). Remember to bring a blanket and warm cup of coffee or cocoa in case of a breeze.

Other things to do as a couple in Barcelona

Apart from the activities listed above, we have a list of other things to do in Barcelona for couples. These are fun activities for couples which are available in various places in Barcelona.

There are over 100 different things to do while in this city as it is a city full of history, culture, and natural sights to behold. Let us look at some of the other things to do as couples that you should not miss while in Barcelona.

Enjoy a romantic boat tour

This is one of the top 10 romantic things to do as a couple. It is an intimate way of seeing the city from a different perspective. You can watch the sunset while in the sea while enjoying a romantic meal on the boat.

We provide boats that are customized to put you in the charming mood you yearn for a romantic night out. You can even propose to your partner during the trip while the sun sets, and we assure that him/her will never forget this special moment!

Have a drink at a roof top

Among other activities to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend is having a drink at the rooftop. When the weather is just right, relax and enjoy a drink in the numerous rooftop bars and restaurants in Barcelona.

Among the hotels you can visit is the Ohla Chillout Terrace at Ohla Barcelona and Terraza Ayre at Ayre Rosellon Hotel. While enjoying your drink, you will have a bird’s eye view of the city of Barcelona.

A night in one of the most romantic hotels in Barcelona

Other romantic couples’ activities are spending a night in a romantic hotel. The H10 Madison is a romantic getaway which is located about 240 metres from the Cathedral.

It is a four star hotel with an amazing terrace that allows a view of the cathedral. The non-smoking suites have a minibar, flatscreen TV, room service, and housekeeping services.

Hotel Praktik Vinoteca is another place you can spend your romantic night. It has a no smoking policy and it offers a buffet breakfast, soundproof rooms with air-conditioning, ironing services, hair dryer, and baggage storage among others.

The Barcelo Raval is one of the places to go in Barcelona as one of the romantic things for couples to do. It has a rooftop terrace, a fitness centre with a gym, and a swimming room. For romantic nights out, the non-smoking suites are air-conditioned, have housekeeping and room service, minibar, and flatscreen TV.

Rent a Rowboat in Ciutadella Park

Ciutadella Park is right at the heart of Barcelona. To top it up, it has an artificial lake which you can get to experience by renting a rowboat for half an hour.

things to do in barcelona for couples

The boats are available at the park at affordable rates and we guarantee you a great rowing experience.

Dinner under the stars

The ultimate romantic couples’ activities is to enjoy dinner under the stars. You can dine and sleep under the stars in a location such as the Montserrat; a rocky mountain with several peaks near Barcelona.

The place has fewer people, more nature sounds, and a sky full of stars. Sternalia organizes dinner and an observation of the night sky upon request.

Gotland Charter is your best choice when you want a romantic getaway in the Mediterranean as we will provide a suitable boat for you. Talk to us and give us your preference and we will customize the boats to your liking.

Barcelona is a city full of life and you should enjoy your stay while here as it is an unforgettable city full of romance. Next time you are looking for a place to take your loved one, think of this amazing city and you will not be bored even for a moment.

Are you ready for your next romantic escape to Barcelona?