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5 Reasons You Should Take a Sunset Cruise in Barcelona

a bird flying over the ocean at sunset

The experience of viewing the city of Barcelona upon a yacht floating in the Mediterranean may not need an introduction, nor a list of reasons why you should take advantage of such an opportunity.

The pleasure of viewing this spectacular sight alone leaves many with an impression they will never forget.

If you need more convincing though, or just need another reason to take the best sunset sailing cruise in Barcelona, then stay with us in Gotland Charter and keep reading!

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Sunset Cruise in Barcelona?

The benefits of such a cruise are many, and Gotland Charter is here to help elevate your experience and make it both fun and memorable. If you can imagine a sunset dinner cruise in Barcelona, or maybe a night of music on a jazz sunset cruise, then you’re just getting started.

Ahead are five sure reasons why this is an affair with the setting sun you will cherish for a lifetime.

Get Away From the Hustle and Bustle

Barcelona is a busy city with an earnest amount of tourists that visit year-round. The city is especially known to flood over with the likes of couples seeking a romantic getaway among the beautiful architecture and rich history and culture of the city.

It is an internationally known destination and magnet for those that desire a unique perspective, and lasting impression.

With a private cruise on your itinerary, you can enjoy a relaxing evening of cultural and natural sightseeing nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Change your point of view and enjoy a new landscape while floating carelessly along the edges of the Mediterranean.

It’s Undeniably Romantic

The country of Spain alone has birthed many ideas of how romance is perceived. From its very own native language to its Flamenco music, dance, and guitar.

Like a long lost friend, it’s food and wine can provide both comfort and invigorating pleasure. Not to mention a number of famous artists such as Joan Miro who have called the city home. The city of Barcelona, its people, and the surrounding culture will stay with you long after you have left.

Having the freedom to experience a Barcelona romantic sunset cruise by sailboat will only amplify the city’s already amorous origins. Enjoy this city’s unique ability to change how you and yours understand the concept of how romance is defined.

You Can Enjoy Dinner and a View

Indulging in fresh Mediterranean cuisine during a Barcelona river cruise at sunset is just one other way to take in the magnificent view of this enigmatic city.

There is the possibility to enjoy an exclusive fine dining experience at sea upon your request. If you are celebrating an event with a special someone, or simply enjoying the company of friends and family, a meal inspired by the sea is sure to elevate everyone’s mood.

In Gotland Charter, we offer different plans to organize an unforgettable meal, either lunch or dinner on a sailing boat for two to four people, or a motor yacht for 2 to 6 people. If a classical sailing experience is what you desire, then plan on lunch or dinner for 7 to 80 people on Gotland Charter’s Southern Cross.

Whichever vessel you end up choosing, the team will provide you with a specialized menu if you require dinner with your view. Expect at least two starters, the main course, and a dessert. All inspired by the surroundings of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea.

Did we forget to mention the choice for a BBQ party on a catamaran?

best sunset sailing cruise in barcelona

You Can See Places You Don’t From Land

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of changing your point of view from a plane, a tall skyscraper, or maybe a train passing through the countryside, then a private yacht at sea overlooking one of the world’s most renown cities will not leave you disappointed.

Gaining a different perspective outside the confines of the city of Barcelona will help you access a true painterly point of view. Gain impressions of the beautiful small beaches skirting the city’s edges while viewing both the new and old architecture confined within the city’s walls.

All of this under the shifting brilliance of color only a Mediterranean sunset over Barcelona can produce.

It’s Very Relaxing

If you aren’t convinced that a sunset cruise is simply relaxing, then you may just have to book a private yacht and experience it for yourself. From the opportunity to enjoy fine Mediterranean wine and cuisine with the relaxing melodies and rhythms of jazz under a sunset at sea, you may just forget where you are all together.

Sounds relaxing now, would you agree?

That said, of course everyone’s idea of relaxation is different, though. Maybe you just want to skip the meal and music altogether and simply enjoy the natural sounds of the surrounding city and the nature that encompasses it. Please, feel free to do so.

But keep reading to learn how we can help you realize your perfect idea of what relaxation should be.

At Gotland Charter, We Organize the Perfect Sunset Cruise in Barcelona for You

Whether it’s just a short, sweet two hours at sea or a full day of romantic indulgence, Gotland Charter will help organize the perfect sunset cruise in the city of Barcelona for you. With 20 years of experience at sea, hosting events and celebrations for small and large groups and companies, we are here to create your ideal gathering at sea.

Gotland Charter is an all-inclusive company, and we own the fleet that we operate. From Motor Yachts to Catamarans, and Sailboats, we genuinely own the experience that we can provide to you whether it’s an evening with a loved one or with your group of friends and family.

When you’re ready, contact our team and start planning your perfect sunset cruise in Barcelona today.