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How’s a sunset on one of our boats?

a sunset over a body of water

Enjoying a sunset is a moment of relaxation and communion with oneself, something similar to a “thank you” for the day.

Many people take sunsets as a ritual of relaxation and introspection, but if you want to give this experience a twist, a special way to enjoy the sunset is to do it on the deck of a boat. If you want to know what a sunset on one of our boats is like, read on.

What is a sunset experience on a Gotland Charter boat like?

Sunset on a boat 3

Sunset from our boat the Southern Cross

A sunset on a boat is a different kind of sunset. In addition, Gotland Charter offers you several different types of boats so that you can enjoy a sunset in your own style: sunset on a catamaran, on a yacht or on a historic sailboat. In any of the three cases you have champagne or wine on board, and the experience is organized in most cases as follows.

Welcome to the boat

Our team will welcome you on your arrival at the port of Barcelona. The captain and crew will guide you to the boat and escort you to the deck so that you can enjoy the departure from the port as the boat starts to move. Before setting sail, you’ll have a few minutes to explore the boat and get used to the different spaces.

Leaving the port of Barcelona

Leaving the port is done at low speed. From this perspective, you’ll enjoy the atmosphere of the port of Barcelona and you’ll be able to see how we’re slowly moving away from the city. Once out of the speed limit zone, in the case of a sailboat or catamaran, and if the wind conditions are favorable, we will open the sails of the boat and gradually move away from the coast with the wind.

Sailing in the open sea

During the navigation after leaving port you will enjoy the views of the skyline of the city of Barcelona, with views of all the main monuments of the city:

  • the W Hotel by Marriott
  • the Olympic Port Towers
  • the Sagrada Familia
  • the Agbar Tower
  • the cathedral of Barcelona
  • the church of Santa Maria del Mar
  • in the background, the Serra de Collserola with the famous Collserola communications tower

This is undoubtedly an image of Barcelona only available from the sea.

The sunset

During the moments before and after sunset, the boat will be stopped at sea so that you can enjoy the spectacle. You’ll be able to watch the sun go down behind the horizon and the lights of the city slowly come on. If you wish, you can toast with champagne or wine with your partner or companions.

Return to port

Sunset on a boat

Watch the city prepare for the night

Finally we will return to port so that you can continue enjoying the night in your own way: dinner with friends or your partner or enjoying a walk through the city of Barcelona, you decide.

If you want to check our options check our page about sunset on a boat at Barcelona!