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Valentine’s day plans in Barcelona

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Valentine’s Day, although it has lovers and detractors, is a marked date for all those couples who like to celebrate their love. That’s why it’s common that, when the 14th of February approaches, one or both members of the couple start looking for Valentine’s Day plans.

In this article we give you some ideas of plans for Valentine’s Day 2022 in Barcelona, including a couple of options of activities that you can celebrate on one of our boats. There we go!

Enjoy Valentine’s Day on a boat

Romantic boat trip

On Gotland Charter’s boats you can enjoy your most romantic evenings if you rent one of our yachts, sailboats or private catamarans. This is the most beautiful and romantic plan that you can offer to your partner, since, in the case of the yacht, we offer you dinner with navigation on the high seas, so that your Valentine’s Day dinner is even more intimate.

Check availability here.

Sleeping on a boat on Valentine’s Day

If you want to take it a step further you can extend the experience by booking a suite night on board.

Simply contact us to check availability.

Other Valentine’s Day tours

We offer you other interesting activities if you do not wish to rent a boat. That’s why we offer you the following options to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day:

Sunset on a boat with Jazz music

If you want to enjoy a different experience on board, you can decide for our sunset tour with live Jazz.

Book it here.

Vermouth on board a boat

Couple on a boat

Are you more of a daytime person? Who said Valentine’s Day had to be celebrated at night? With Gotland Charter you can enjoy a vermouth on board of one of our boats, on a 1,5 hours tour.

Book it here.

Enjoy a SPA as a couple

One of the most popular options for Valentine’s Day is to treat yourself to a SPA session.

In Barcelona there are several SPAs that are perfect to enjoy as a couple on Valentine’s Day. Some of them are part of a hotel and others are independent establishments, so if you want, you have the option of combining a SPA session with a glamorous hotel night.

If you take a look online you will find a lot of information about SPA’s in the city of Barcelona.

Give (or treat yourself to) a massage as a gift

A massage is a very valid option (and one that many couples choose) as a Valentine’s Day plan. And you can choose from several options of massages for couples, such as relaxing massage, sports massage, decontracting massage or Thai massage.

A Google search will give you what you need!

Romantic dinner in an exclusive restaurant

In Barcelona there is no shortage of luxury restaurants run by renowned chefs, so this could be a good option. Just try to book in advance and don’t expect to be able to go to the restaurant you like if you call the same day.

The more exclusive the restaurant, the more foresight you need to have.

As you can see, finding an original plan for Valentine’s Day in Barcelona is a question of getting well organised.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, organise your plan now.