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What other activities you can do besides renting a boat?

a group of people sitting at a dock

At Gotland Charter we are specialists in renting boats in Barcelona and organizing all kinds of events on them.

But if you thought that a boat trip was just that (a boat trip and nothing else) you were wrong: there are many complementary activities you can do while renting a boat with us. If you want to know more, read on.

What other activities can you do besides renting a boat with Gotland Charter?

A boat can be like a floating house, and you can carry out a multitude of activities on it. Some of the activities that you can combine with a boat trip in Barcelona are the following.

Boat trip with wine tasting on board

This is undoubtedly one of our most popular complementary activities to a boat event.

A wine tasting on a boat guided by a professional sommelier can become a totally magical experience for the senses: it combines the aroma of the sea of Barcelona with the fragrances of the wine to enjoy a 100% original and unique activity.

Our sommelier on board will explain the details of each wine so that you can appreciate the different nuances of each one of them. Of course, along with the wine there will also be cheeses and snacks.

Boat trip with dj or live music

Dj on a boat

Organize your party with us

Are you more of a party spirit? Then we also have the perfect complementary activity for you. With Gotland Charter you can organize live music or even a DJ session during your boat trip. This is the most popular activity for groups of young people who contact us to turn a boat trip with friends into a real party out on the sea.

Organize a barbecue on deck

BBQ on a boat

BBQ on boat? Yes, with us it’s possible

If your thing is to enjoy the sea, the sun and the good weather with a meal with friends, what better than a barbecue on a boat? Gotland Charter’s fleet of yachts, sailboats and catamarans allow you to organize a barbecue on board. Do you love barbecues but don’t want to deal with having to cook for everyone? No problem, if you want we can also provide the chef.

Play golf on deck

Play golf on the deck of a boat?!

At Gotland Charter yes, it is possible. We have “golf balls” made from fish feed, so you can practice your swing barefoot and in your bikini, and if you’re lucky, attract some fish to come around the boat! Our golf balls are biodegradable and patented balls.

How do you play golf on a boat?

At Gotland Charter we have everything you need to play golf on the deck of our boats.

As there are no greens or holes at sea, we have adapted the system as follows:

  • you throw the buoy into the water as far as possible from the boat (which would be the “golf hole”)
  • you set up your artificial grass hitting area whenever you want on deck
  • practice!

Contact us for your event

As you have seen, Gotland Charter can adapt your boat trip to suit your needs. Contact us now: for sure we can do it.