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7 Fun Things to Do on a Boat you shouldn’t miss

a group of people riding on the back of a boat in the water

Nowadays, boating is among the most preferred activities among friends, families, and partners for outdoor thrills. However, over time, the usual swimming and fishing can become repetitive and therefore boring.

Are you thinking of the activities to do on a boat and make the sailing fun? In Gotland Charter we’ll explain 7 fun things to do while boating.

Enjoy what the maritime leisure offers. Welcome on board!

What to Do on A Boat to Have Fun

We all love sailing on a boat. You have an amazing views of the coast and the sea, enjoy the weather and have some fun on board. You can find a lot of things to do on a boat, but here are a few ideas to have fun every minute and don’t get bored!

Beautiful Sunset Cruise

Thinking about the sunset is romantic. The sunset cruise will, therefore, give you a perfect platform to impress your partner. For such occasions, you can rent a smaller boats as the ones we provide to couple charters or groups of around 9-11 people.

A view of the sunset and the sunrise can be the most striking instants of the day. It invites you to a mode of relaxation and meditation.

You may not enjoy the sunrise as it occurs when you are probably still sleeping. However, you can enjoy the sight of the lovely sunset being enveloped with magical color shades. Sunset cruise lasts for roughly 2 hours so cherish the moment and will offer you a superb tour.

what to do on a boat

Enjoy Some Golf Fishing

You should never forget this activity on your boating bucket list. This type of sporting combines fishing and golfing. Therefore, you can imagine merging a delightful golf experience with an outdoor blue water sports fishing. Amazing, right?

Count the number of casts it will take you to catch a fish. Next, take an inner-tube and pitch it over the boat’s side. On the bow, place the artificial turf and count the number of strokes it will take to chip a golf ball. The balls are very environmentally-friendly as they are made of food for fishes. Do some golf fishing and enjoy every minute of it

Have Some Fresh Beer to Calm Your Nerves

You can reach for awesome boating activities, including the providence of some fresh beer to make your boat travel unique in their open bar.

Is common to find some champagne, beer, wine, a cold bottle of cava, or soft drinks to toast with your friends, family or partner. The choice is yours.

Usually, very strong drinks will not be included. But if you haven’t tried drinking in a boat yet as you enjoy the views, you can’t miss it!

Listen to The Sound of Live Music

Other than having a meal on the sail, you will probably want to surprise yourself or your mates by playing some live music. Live music creates a calm and intimate atmosphere and should be among the things to do on a boat. What could be more exciting than this?

The Chill Out & Jazz sail is a great way of sitting back and enjoying the ride as you take advantage of the beautiful sceneries from Barcelona’s city skyline. This is the best way of winding down after a busy day of exploring.

Experience the comfort of boating fun while listening to the sound of live music on the open deck. Dance the day or night away with your friends or family aboard. Take some elegant photos of the city, its suburbs, and landmarks. Listen and dance to the hottest hits from our skilled live music.

Take a look at this band we had for our guests!


How About Some Barefooting on Board?

Do you like water sports? Then, try to sail with barefoot sailing cruises and enjoy the fantastic experience. Barefoot requires you to travel at very high speeds. The speed will keep you upright!

Once your feet have touched the surface of the water, you create resistance. Let your toes remain up, and your legs straightened to avoid buckling up. The resistance calls for some extra pull from the kite. With this, you will be able to skim across the water surface and be on the surface and not in the water.

Barbeque on Board

When thinking through the things to do on a boat, leaving this out will be absurd. In different cultures, gathering around the fire for BBQ has always been a symbol of bonding and getting together. This is a replica of what happens on board. It is the best plan to organize on a boat trip.

Some few hours into the sailing and after everyone has known their way around the boat, and the cool sea breeze has warmed your appetite—it’s now the best time for a barbeque. Anchor in a bay and do some outdoor grilling. Our watercraft has a standard built-in grill on the decks.

You Just Can’t Forget Tubing

Boat tubes began quite humbly, with a person lashing the end of a rope to the inner tube of a truck and the other end of the rope to a boat. This water sport has now become a thrilling water-based activity. Tubing gives you an adrenaline-induced excitement of being dragged along the waters at very high speeds. Explore your wild sides in this activity.

Our water tubes are usable and very comfortable. Additionally, they are a lot more fun. We have some designed for single riders and others for two people.

However, you can purchase tubes for three and four riders at a time. Tubing is a wonderful way of getting your whole family or group of friends together in the waters. It inspires a love for water that could last for a lifetime.

a group of people riding on the back of a boat in the water

Choose Gotland Charter, And We Will Make Your Tour Remarkable

Barcelona provides a perfect climate and environment for the best boat experiences. Throughout the year, the city prides itself on offering pleasant temperatures. The Mediterranean in Barcelona eagerly awaits the guests looking forward to sailing in its waters. If you choose Gotland Charter, you can view Barcelona from a completely different perspective when on a boat trip.

Rent a boat and relax. Our boats are just the perfect option for escaping the hustle and bustle around you. We offer all the above types of activities which are organized as per the needs of the clients.

Either for couples, colleagues, company, friends, or even family, be sure of rich, quality, and satisfactory services worth of the money spent for the sail.

Some of the advantages you are guaranteed include:

  • All-inclusive private boat rental in Barcelona. You only need to have your swimsuit and sunscreen!
  • As we are not an agency, we have our own boats. We offer trips that will suit your preferences. Since there are no other intermediaries, our prices are affordable, and in case of any problem, we are the ones to solve it
  • With over 20 years of experience, our friendly and professional team are well-trained to give you the best tour around Barcelona

If it’s your first time in the waters, you will be excited by the tranquility it transmits. From its intense color to the soothing sound. Our ideas to make boating more fun will excite you even more. During your trip, our captain will teach you the sailing secrets and show you around the main tourist attractions in Barcelona.

Aren’t you wishing to live this experience? Don’t think about it, contact us!