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The Best Boat Wedding Ideas 2019

a person standing in front of water

The ocean has a way of inspiring the romantic in you, so it’s little wonder that boat wedding ideas have become so popular.

Tying the knot in an exotic location like Barcelona gives you an instant start to your honeymoon while treating your guests to their own luxury experience.

Barcelona’s spirit is as immense as its cultural pride. It’s sprinkled with landscapes that seem to come straight out of a fairy tale, with a wealth of art and history and some of the best wedding venues that you’ll fall in love with.

Its coastline is one of the best in Catalonia, stretching beneath a looming cliff. Its Instagram-worthy beaches will brighten more than just your wedding pictures. It will introduce you to a new way of looking at the world.

Barcelona’s sunset and boat weddings are growing in popularity, even among locals. It’s a unique concept that you’ll never forget, and in Gotland Charter, we’re about to show you why.

 How to Plan a Boat Wedding

Boat-based weddings are among the easiest nuptials to plan if you count with a reputable company with the skill and experience to pull them off with a flourish like us.

If you are planning a boat wedding, the process will thus be supported by consummate professionals, but you’ll need to consider a few key points:

  • The size of your guest list. Most boats have limited space, and dance floors are often far from seating areas. Large cruise ships can seat as many as a thousand guests, giving you enough room for a week’s worth of celebrations. Who said a wedding has to be over in a day?
  • The legalities of your ceremony. Since boats are on open water, you might need to precede your ceremony with a courthouse wedding.
  • Your dress code will need to stand up to water and wind.
  • Consider wheelchair access if needed. This might need to be added.
  • Arrange a covered area, in case of rain.

However, your planning process will be much easier if you enlist in the help of your charter company, who will have overcome all these challenges before to make sure your special day is just perfect.

Some Ideas for Boat Weddings

If you’re hunting for a wedding on a boat ideas, don’t worry. In Gotland Charter, we have plenty of inspiring concepts to guide you as we did for Daniel and Luis. Have a look!

It’s as easy to decorate a boat as it is any on-shore venue, so don’t let yourself feel limited.

Boats are notoriously festive, regardless of whether you’re planning a charming sailboat reception or a more austere yacht-based affair.

An entertainment cruise will allow you to host a three or four-day reception that carries guests from coast to coast. Smaller receptions are suited to vagabond cruises aboard a smaller sailboat.

Smaller weddings can be held on a deck boat, which can be used as a kick-off point for swimming and watersports.

wedding themes

Vintage decor provides just the aesthetic to set off a luxurious event. The Victorian era was plush and luxurious, so why not try a 19th-century Victorian ceremony?

a glass with a blue vase on a table

The era’s brass and mahogany will deliver all the majesty you could possibly stomach for an ostentatious day. If you’re intending to travel that far back in time, you could even include a few 1830 marriage customs in your day such as party favors hidden in your wedding cake and silk and cashmere bodices on your bridesmaids’ dresses. Victorian organdy and linen tables will add sparkle to your boat.

Think about leaving Polaroid cameras on each table, then create a picture display of the results.

Letting your guests take their own photographs leaves you with a wealth of candid pictures to add to your album later. It also shows you what your wedding was like from your family and friends’ perspectives.

Sporting weddings are becoming increasingly popular among surfers and sailors alike. An intimate family affair can carry you into married life via a holiday on the waters shared with friends. Destination weddings often incorporate fine dining and comfortable sleep arrangements for a weekend tour.

This kind of event is well-suited to brides and grooms who want to move away from the traditional 200-guest affair. You’re allowed to include only your closest loved ones and favourite pastimes in your special day, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Decoration Ideas

Looking for boat wedding decoration ideas? Look no further.

Mood lighting will transform your event space, so think carefully about the LED palettes you choose. These will add tone to your decor, layering the entire space for a more unified effect. It will also alter your wedding photographs irrevocably.

Shells and nautical motifs achieve a fuss-free look that carries through to waterside views. If you enjoy the scruffiness of a rustic aesthetic, wood, rope, and indigo accents will help you to achieve a powerful effect.

a wooden table topped with plates of food on a plate

Distressed wooden signage and tabletops will complete your nautical look. Casual weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and yacht weddings are just the setting for a beachwear event. Beach ceremonies are a romantic way to frame your vows before you and your guests move onto your boat for a raucous reception.

Consider using shells as place settings and decorating the bow of your boat with flowers.

a cake sitting on top of a bed

Add a starfish to your bouquet or replace ribbons with anemones. Add splashes of turquoise through cocktails and a sea-inspired wedding cake. Nautical themes needn’t be casual. A smattering off deep blue or white shells will liven up your wedding cake in consummate elegance. Anchor and lifesaver symbols are the obvious choice for a nautical theme, but you don’t need to be overt. The right textures and hues can evoke an oceanic aesthetic more subtly and elegantly.

boat themed wedding ideas

Add a touch of rust to your white and blue palette to give it a more formal look, and make use of sparkling textures to amplify its formality. Coral makes for an austere wedding cake topping, but if you prefer something flashier, use pearls.

a close up of a flower

Guest Dressing Ideas

If you are wondering what to wear to a boat wedding, here are some ideas you can take.

You can add to the oceanic style of your wedding photographs by giving your guests a dress code. With sea and sky acting as your setting, you’ll need to find a contrasting or complementary hue for their wardrobes.

Rust, white, granite, and burgundy will truly make your pictures and ceremony pop. If you’re hunting for boat wedding guest dress ideas, a beach-side ceremony lends itself well to bright, laid back cocktail wear.

Surfwear has become trendy, too, so if you love nothing more than to ride a few barrel waves, exchange your satin for cotton.

Themed Wedding Ideas

History has plenty of inspiration for wedding themes. Some eras were created for romance.

The Roaring Twenties and Charming Fifties were some of the most romantic decades in history, so why not use them to inspire your theme? The Twenties were the age of The Great Gatsby. Think Art Deco crossed with roaring flapper personality. A Gatsby-inspired wedding requires sparkling jewels, dropped waistlines, and grand staircases.

themed wedding boat ideas

The right cruise ship can make your decor feel just right. If an aristocratic look with off-the-shoulder lace and shawls suits your bridal goals, then design your decor in the same vein. This era lends itself well to white on white elegance.

You could even plan your music around your theme. Ragtime Charlestons and jazz are sophisticated, yet fun, ways to add sparkle to an unforgettable day. Don’t forget that music is a core part of your boat wedding ideas.

a person holding a glass of wine

In Asia, water symbolizes fertility and purity -a meaningful element to include in the most important day of your life.

If your tastes lean towards minimalism, an Asian wedding theme might serve you best. Red is the hue of these wedding ceremonies. In some regions, even the bride wears this lucky color.

Formal tea ceremonies are a traditional part of Asian celebrations, and they come with exquisite crockery that you can carry throughout the rest of your decor. Include lucky red envelopes at every seating place, and don’t forget the fireworks.

asian wedding ideas

Light displays are magnificent when they have an ocean backdrop, after all.

If you want a truly superior experience in Barcelona, contact us in Gotland Charter to arrange the best services in the industry.

Best Boat Wedding Images

If you have a taste for luxury, a shoreline cruise wedding might take you closer to your nuptial dreams. Contemporary boats have the lighting accents and modern decor that suit a trendy event. Shoreline boats are perfect for destination weddings, too.

Here are our best images:

You needn’t stick to traditional dance-based boat wedding reception ideas.

Your wedding is supposed to create the kind of memories that fit you like a bespoke suit, so always plan precisely the kind of occasion that will make you and your beau happy. Your boat themed wedding ideas must speak to your soul.

When you marry on a boat, and your honeymoon can become a global escapade. You don’t need to choose cliched destinations like the Caribbean.

Lateral thinking and a spirit of adventure could take you to a destination you’ve never considered before -one that’s far more exquisite, like fiery Barcelona. The golden lighting at sunset will add flare to your reception while simultaneously setting off your wedding in grand style.

If you’re ready to start planning your big day, please contact us in Gotland Charter and we’ll make sure to find the best style for you!