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5 tips to rent a yacht in Barcelona

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Renting a yacht in Barcelona means enjoying an experience at sea that allows you to feel like a real VIP. Sailing on a yacht is an experience that is available to few people, but this experience is more accessible to everyone thanks to our fleet of boats and yachts. In this post we are going to give you some tips that you should take into account when renting a yacht.

Take into account the number of passengers

The first and most important tip is to keep in mind that a yacht is not a very large vessel that can accommodate a large number of passengers. For that reason renting a yacht is perfect if you are a small group of passengers. If for example you want to organize your birthday with a large number of guests, it is much more advisable to do it on one of our catamarans that can accommodate up to 100 passengers.

Decide the route in advance

At Gotland Charter we let you be the one to design the route you want to do during your yacht charter hours.

From the port of Barcelona you can move north or south, to visit some of the most famous beaches of the Costa Brava or Costa del Garraf.

Keep in mind that the further you want to go, the more hours of sailing you will need. We will propose you a route and some stops for swimming according to what you need but you can make any changes you want.

Decide the sailing time

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Related with the previous point, you must also take into account the time you will need or want to rent your yacht: you may want to enjoy only an afternoon of relaxation on our yachts, or maybe your idea is to rent the yacht for the whole day.

How long you need or want to sail (and how far you or your companions want to go) is closely related to this.

For example, keep in mind that to reach some of the most famous coves of the Costa Brava we will need a few hours of sailing that cannot be done in a single morning.

Wear the right clothes

In a previous post of our blog we already talked about the importance of wearing the right clothes when sailing. With Gotland Charter’s yacht charter service you have at your disposal towels, drinks and extras that you can hire with your yachting day, but you should be prepared to be as comfortable as possible on board. Lightweight, breathable clothing is the best option in all cases.

Decide how to complement your sailing

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With Gotland Charter you can hire extra services to make your sailing day even more special.

Do not forget to think about what you or your companions need to enjoy your yachting day and let us know in advance so we can prepare it: food, extra drinks, catering on board, games you want to do at sea, disembark to eat in a restaurant of your choice… we take care of making it happen.