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Best clothing and shoes for sailing

Sailboat near Barcelona

Renting a boat from Barcelona for a trip on the high seas can be a fantastic experience, but on some boats or when we are going to sail for many hours, it can be interesting to have suitable clothing and footwear.

On most of our tours you don’t have to worry too much about that, as our boats are adapted for the general public, but for example in case you rent a catamaran or charter a sailboat with us to sail for a whole day or (even more important) in case you participate in a regatta as a Gotland company event, it will be very advisable to have the right clothes and footwear.

This way you will enjoy an optimal sailing experience and you will be able to navigate the boat safely during your time on board.

In this week’s post we are going to give you some tips on how to choose your sailing clothing and footwear.

Best shoes for sailing

When it comes to choosing a type of footwear for sailing or for use on the deck of a boat, there are two mandatory rules to keep in mind:

  1. Footwear must have non-slip soles.
  2. The footwear must protect against water and/or cold

However, there are also other aspects to consider when choosing sailing shoes, which are also important:

  • The soles of sailing shoes should be white to avoid stains on deck.
  • If your footwear is not waterproof, then it is advisable that it is designed to be quick drying.
  • The sole will usually be designed with channels that evacuate water (like the grooves in car tyres) to prevent slipping in the case of very wet decks.

Winter sailing footwear

Pair of classic sailing boots

Pair of classic sailing boots

If you are an experienced sailor and you are going to sail for hours or days at a time, in cold seas, the best option in these cases is to choose a pair of sailing boots. These are tall boots usually made of rubber or TPU, so they are 100% waterproof. They will save you from wet, cold feet and slipping on deck, no matter how big the sea is.

Best clothing for sailing

Regatta with Gotland Charter

During one of our regattas you will want to be confortable: be ready to feel what is a sailboat race for real

The most important premise if you charter a boat for sailing is to choose clothes that are comfortable, light and breathable. This way you can move freely without worrying about tight seams or suffering on hot days. We recommend light-coloured, thin cotton clothing: avoid dark colours, especially in summer.

Clothing for winter or cold weather sailing

If you’re sailing in winter or cold weather, your enemy has a name: wind.

You’ll want a good waterproof jacket to keep the cold wind out of your clothes, and on the inside a good fleece or thermal clothing to help keep you warm. A pair of gloves, beanie and buff would also be advisable.

When renting one of our catamarans, yachts and sailboats you will also have windbreakers and blankets for your comfort.

Other important accessories

Finally, in terms of accessories and complements for sailing, all those related to sun protection are mandatory: sunglasses, hats, sun visors and sun cream.

Good sailing!