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Types of boat trips and boat excursions around Barcelona

In Gotland Charter you have at your disposal different types of boat trips and excursions in Barcelona.

In this post we are going to explain to you the options you can find on our website if you want to enjoy a boat trip off the coast of Barcelona.

Catamaran trips

Orsom catamaran sailing in front of Barcelona

Orsom Catamaran up to 100 passengers

In Gotland Charter you have at your disposal up to 6 different types of catamarans, and several of them make tours and trips on a regular basis, open to the general public and without the need to book in advance (although it is recommended). The options you have are as follows.

1.5 hour sunset catamaran tour

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular catamaran rides in Barcelona. Several times throughout the week our catamarans set sail at sunset to enjoy the sunset from the high seas. You will have music on board, snacks and bar service.

Check availability here

1.5 hour trip with vermouth and music

The “vermouth hour” on Saturdays and Sundays will never be the same. You can enjoy a vermouth on board a boat on weekends: the best terrace in the city of Barcelona is the one we put on the high seas. The tour ends just before lunch time, so you can continue with the day in the restaurant you like the most.

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1.5 hour ride with chill-out music

If you want to enjoy a boat trip with live music, not only do you have the options of sunset and “vermouth hour” departures, but in the evenings every day there is a ride available to enjoy a drink on board while listening to chill-out music or a saxophonist.

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Historical sailboat tours

a large white boat sitting next to a body of water

Southern Cross classic motor sailer

In case you didn’t know, in Gotland Charter you also have at your disposal much more than catamarans: we have the Southern Cross, one of the most well preserved historic sailboats in Spain and Europe which is adapted for walks, tours and activities of all kinds.

2-hour tour with food and drink on a historic sailboat

The Southern Cross trips are more special because they are longer, offer more extras and of course, you can enjoy a sailboat launched in 1962. During the 2 hours of this ride you will have music, 3 drinks at the bar, snacks… everything you need for a different experience.

Check availability here

2 hour sunset cruise on a historic sailboat

As you have seen above, you have available the sunset tour on a catamaran, but what about the idea of enjoying the sunset on a historic sailboat? The Southern Cross is one of the most beautiful sailboats you can find in Spain, and you have it at your disposal to enjoy the sunset almost every evening from spring to autumn.

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