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Sailing a sailboat in autumn

a sunset over a body of water

Sailing a sailboat in the autumn months offers you the opportunity to enjoy the mediterranean sea in a way that you can’t at any other time of the year. Although it may not seem like that, sailing in autumn has several advantages and can be a memorable experience too.

If you want to know the advantages of renting a sailboat or sailing in autumn, this blog post is for you.

Advantages of sailing a sailboat in autumn

In autumn the temperatures are still pleasant and with just a bit of warm clothes you can enjoy a day out at sea without any problems. This means that we have the opportunity to enjoy more our sailboat experience. Here are some of the advantages of sailing a sailboat in autumn.

Fewer crowds and people

If you want to enjoy a quiet and relaxing day on a sailboat, autumn and winter is the perfect time to do it. Autumn and winter are clearly the low season for everything related to tourism, so this means that you will find less people, tourists and visitors in general, and you will be able to enjoy a more authentic experience (also when it comes to sailing).

The most beautiful sunsets

sunset on a boat on winter

Fall and winter sunsets are the most beautiful ones of the whole year!

The most beautiful sunsets are in autumn. And this is not our subjective opinion, but science explains it:

  • in autumn the sun enters the horizon more diagonally than in summer, which means that once the sun has disappeared behind the horizon, you will have more minutes of light until the night closes in.
  • high-altitude clouds, which help to intensify the reflection of sunlight during sunset, are more common when the atmosphere is cooler (i.e. in autumn and winter).

For those reasons, if you want to enjoy a spectacular sunset on a sailboat, you have to sail in autumn and winter months.

Better services and availability of boats compared to summer

sunset on a sailboat

Sailing in autumn and winter is more quiet compared to high season 😉

Related to what we mentioned at the beginning of the article, autumn and winter months are low season, so you can enjoy more availability of schedules when renting your sailboat with or without skipper and a quieter solo sailing experience. If a TOP service is an aspect to take into account for you, try going for a sail in autumn.

Pleasant and nice temperatures

On a sunny autumn and winter day you will enjoy pleasant temperatures and a thin jacket will be enough to protect you from the cold. Autumn and winter are great times to sail a sailboat in Mediterranean areas without having to worry about being too hot or too cold.

The boat adapts to your needs

At Gotland Charter we adapt our sailboats to the time of year in which you sail, to adapt the boat to its crew (you) and make it more comfortable.

For example:

  • we have screens to protect you from the wind, so that you can walk around the deck as comfortably as on any other day of the year
  • we also have blankets and a hot drinks service on board, so if you want to enjoy a coffee while sailing you can do so.

Sailing in autumn

If you want to enjoy sailing on a sailboat in autumn, you’ve already read it: it is a time of the year with some pros for sailing. Contact us to rent your sailboat in Barcelona.