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Sail into the sunset in Barcelona

Una persona a bord del vaixell contempla la posta de sol sobre Barcelonaof a body of water

Enjoy a spectacular ride on one of our catamarans and contemplate the sunset in Barcelona from the sea.

Indulge yourself with our sunset getaways and disconnect from the day, the city and the people – feel the freedom that the sea transmits and live in the moment!



The departure begins at the usual starting point, in front of the statue of Columbus. Our team welcomes you at the boat ramp.

Once you all are on board, the experience begins!

Depending on the season of the year the departure times may vary, we want to make sure we offer you a unique experience!

We’ll sail along the coast of the city of Barcelona, ​​seeing it from another point of view and contemplating its most emblematic buildings from afar.

During the ride you can not only admire the city and the colors of the sunset, but also enjoy excellent cocktails, drinks and, above all, good music, provided by our live saxophonist, who will get on board with us.

Don’t miss the sunset color show that Barcelona has to offer!



Are you passionate about music? Then do not miss out on our tours, starting from Colón, with live music – Sail with the best music towards the sunset and disconnect from everything. Enjoy the best jazz and live Chill Out music, aboard our Catamaran Orsom.

Don’t miss the experience of a musical sunset on the high seas!

You can enjoy this experience whenever you want, since we go out every day. Departure times will depend on the time of year. Follow our social networks to not miss our Jazz and Chill Out rides.



If sunsets are not your thing and you are more an early bird, we recommend our rides with vermouth and live music! Start the weekend with a ride on the high seas, enjoying one of the most typical things we have in Catalunya: vermouth!

Forget about having it on a terrace and get on board!

We offer you a mid-morning departure, with live music that will enliven your maritime vermouth experience. Experience your weekend in a different way, without losing the tradition of vermouth.

Enjoy all our options with your partner, your family, between friends or even colleagues!


Visit our website or contact us to receive more information about the experiences that you like the most.

On special request, all departures can also be made on our yachts