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Corporate events in the high seas

a group of people in a boat on a body of water

We are finally getting back to business with corporate events!

In case you are thinking of organizing something special for your company or team, we have the right thing to offer you!

Whether it’s an incentive, a meeting, or a meal on board, don’t miss out on our plans on board.



Celebrate your special company dinner in the gentle waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

We will start our event sailing into the sunset, enjoying the spectacle of pink colors offered by the sky of Barcelona, with good music and a delicate aperitif. Finish your experience with an exquisite dinner, offered by our trusted catering, in the rhythmic waves of the sea.

We want your corporate event to be a unique experience!

Hence, we will be happy to provide you with what you need to make it unforgettable, proposing an extensive offer of entertainment, gastronomic offers, decoration, and great ambience.



If what you are looking for your team is something more dynamic and competitive, we recommend our regattas.

An excellent activity for corporate teambuildings, strengthening communication, teamwork and motivating the whole group!

How do our regattas work?

The team will receive a briefing, with instructions on the regatta rules and the safety measures to take into account. Each team will be assigned a captain, who will explain to the participants the different roles within the ship and will distribute the tasks of each one of them.

Once everyone is ready, the regatta begins!

The duration of the regatta is adapted according to the time available for each group. The maximum number of participants in a regatta is 250 people.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic experience with your team!



Organize a day out! Rent one of our catamarans for your team and take a 2-to-4-hour sailing trip, enjoying the skyline of Barcelona leaving behind the noise and people.

Combine the sailing trip with whatever you wish!

Discover our different food and drinks packages. Our trusted catering will provide you with the most delicious gastronomic offer to enjoy during this trip.

Did someone say water activities?

Yes! Include in you trip inflatables, jet-ski rides or simply fins with diving goggles, to discover what is hidden in the water of the Mediterranean.

If, in addition to everything, you want to prevent anyone from being bored, you can’t miss out on music and drinks. Discover our party-packs and turn the sailing trip into a real party!



Be it a meeting with a VIP client or a meeting on an important issue, there is no better place to have a meeting than on the high seas.

Feel the tranquility that the sea transmits, to focus on what is important.

Organize your exclusive meeting on one of our Yachts. We will provide you with everything you need, from the gastronomic offer to the material you need to make your meeting a success.


Get in touch with us and find out more about the different options and combinations that we can offer you!