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a boat is docked next to a body of water

One of the defining features of the city of Barcelona is that it is totally open to the sea, thus offering an excellent connection with the rest of cities and countries. Without losing a single apex of its essence, Barcelona has learnt to transform and integrate itself with the Mediterranean Sea creating  infrastructures, outings and, of course a big docking area.

The Port of Barcelona , with more than 1000 years of history, is one of the most important harbours in Europe, not only because of its trade, but also because of its ferries ,cruise ships and numerous services.

Barcelona, a city and four ports

We find 4 ports from which we can access the city: the commercial port for big vessels and merchandise, and 3 others for private use.

  1. The Commercial Port: One of the most important in Europe and the main one for the Chinese market. In this harbour we also find the Tourist Cruise Ships to which thousands and thousands of passengers arrive every year.
  2. Port Vell: its name means “old port”, the oldest in the city and we find it at the end of  Las Ramblas in front of the Statue of Colombus.

Inside the port of Barcelona we find:

Marina Port Vell, the biggest and most luxurious part with enormous yatchs.

Marina Vela, next to the W Hotel, one of the most modern , which  opened just 3 years ago and has an  automated marina

Real Club Maritimo and Real Club Náutico de Barcelona, in the heart of Port Vell. The first one hosts nautical activities and a sailing school, while Club Náutico is reserved mainly for its members.

  1. Port Olimpic: created in 1992 for the Olympic Games. It is the most popular port and the best to rent a boat, and there are lots of boats!

There are many restaurants and it is currently in the last stage of its remodelling, mainly in its walking areas.

  1. Port Forum: the last and the northmost in Barcelona, next to the mouth or the Besós river. Specially built for the Forum de las Culturas 2004. Several boats there are used for housing.

Gotland Charter, one company and 2 ports

Well, perhaps you might be curious about where we are…. We operate in two of the 4 ports  we have mentioned, Port Vell and Port Olympic, the most accessible , best connected and with the largest  leisure options.

In Port Vell, in front of the Statue of Colombus, you will find Catamaran Orson; inside the same port, but inside the Real Club Náutico, we have the big classical sailing boat Southern Cross, and in Port Olympic you will find the rest of the fleet: Sensation Catamarans, the motor yatch and smaller sailing boats.

Nothing better than a boat itinerary to understand de maritime side of the city and stare, why not, the 4 ports of Barcelona.

“A coastal skyline open to everything and everyone”