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Charter Boat Barcelona

charter boat barcelona

In Spain, one of the busiest places for most of the year, both for tourists and business people, is undoubtedly the city of Barcelona. And it is that not only is it an important metropolis in which a large part of the region’s economy and trade are concentrated, thanks to the fact that it is strategically located to open the doors of the European continent to the rest of the world but also, it has a great attraction for visitors from all over, which makes it a great tourist destination.

Its wide coastline borders the Mediterranean Sea so it offers the most modern ports and incredible beaches that are invaded by the most paradisiacal settings, where you can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities, especially if you have the opportunity to rent a boat to explore the crystal-clear waters in this delicious subtropical climate.

With the rental of a boat in the city of Barcelona, ​​you will have the opportunity to discover the wonders of the Catalan coast seen from the high seas, contemplating the majestic landscape that the open sea leaves us in complete harmony with the metropolis that makes its way from its shore but without the hustle and bustle of the city.

For this reason, on the web you will find great options offered by boat rentals in Barcelona, ​​taking into account the number of people you want to vacation with, the time you want to be on board a boat, whether or not you require a crew and the type of boat in which you prefer to make your journey along the Catalan coast.

Cost of boat rental in Barcelona

In the boat rental market in the Barcelona area, you will be able to find a large number of options that adapt to the budget that you have stipulated to spend the season, guaranteeing you an unforgettable and very rewarding experience in any of the options that you decide to share with your partner, family or friends.

However, it is important to take into account several necessary elements to take the most convenient option without breaking the budget so here are some tips that you should keep in mind if you are thinking of renting a boat in the city of Barcelona:

1. When selecting the type of boat is where the greatest price difference is observed and it depends on the boat, its capacity, equipment and comfort offered to visitors. Also considering whether it is of a yacht, boat, sailboat or even a catamaran.

2. Once the type of boat has been selected, it is necessary to consider whether you want to rent it per day or for a few hours. In addition, in some cases they provide accompaniment by a crew and a captain who pilots the ship, but there are also options in which you do without these last two, of course, the appropriate permissions are required for this.

3. Another point that is worth considering before choosing the rental boat is the number of people with whom we will share on our journey through the Mediterranean Sea and for that we must take into account the capacity of the boat, prior to its choice. There are tours that are paid per person and are of short duration, these are usually the most affordable, but we also find boats with capacity between 6 and 12 people, so everything will depend on the needs of the visitors.

4. Similarly, in some cases other services such as bar, snacks, equipment to practice certain water sports are included in the boat rental, which affects the overall cost of boat rental.

It is important to check the different options that are available on the date that we have scheduled for our vacations in the city of Barcelona ​​since through the websites we can make the reservation by contacting any of the boat rental centers on the Catalan coast.

Barcelona boat show

The undisputed meeting place for sea lovers who want to discover the latest innovations in the sector and enjoy a unique experience.

The Barcelona Boat Show is an international exhibition with Spanish and international exhibitors, hundreds of boats and more than one guest sailor participating in the annual Catalan Sailing Week.

This floating exhibition is held in Barcelona’s Port Vell marina, hundreds of boats are on display on the water, giving visitors the opportunity to try them out.

It is considered one of the three best boat shows in Europe, both in terms of quality and number of visitors. It offers the best environment in the Mediterranean, numerous restaurants, a nautical atmosphere and a perfect location by the sea, making it a unique show.

This show is the most important boat show in Spain and the only one in the country officially recognized by the International Federation of Boat Show Organizers.

There you can see the largest and most complete commercial exhibition of sport and recreational boats, both on and off the water like sailboats, yachts, catamarans, Minorcan boats, powerboats, dinghies, cruisers and sport fishing boats, as well as all types of nautical products and services from electronics to engines, from paint to sails, from trailers to fishing equipment and small boats, in addition to charter companies and marinas.

Enjoy yourself renting a boat in Barcelona

The great attraction of boat rentals on the coast of Barcelona ​​is being able to enjoy its exceptional climate, surrounded by an unparalleled landscape, which perfectly contrasts the city buildings with the natural elements of the majestic beaches that are on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

As if that were not enough, on many of the boats that offer rental services in the Barcelona area, you can also enjoy shows while you are aboard the boat, including live music, with excellent musical groups that offer an environment with the most varied styles, classical, jazz, instrumental, among others.

Similarly, on some walks they offer you romantic experiences to enjoy in the company of your loved one and they prepare toasts and special dinners under the moonlight or a wonderful evening watching the sunset from the high seas to enhance the beauty of the place with a torrent of emotions that you will share with your partner.

Other options that you can enjoy while you are sailing in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, is the bar that serves all kinds of drinks and cocktails to the passengers of the boat and that is available in many of the ships that are offered for rent.

Also, you can tour to one of the most remote places that invite you to venture out with different recreational and sports activities, although these can be practiced while at sea. If you prefer, you can stay aboard the boat contemplating the crystal-clear waters of the sea, the gentle breeze that runs through the place and the warm sun that is present during most of the year thanks to the privileged location of the region.

Regardless of the option select to rent the boat, you should ask about the nautical shows that they can offer you since these options are an extra that will allow you to obtain a memorable and unique experience that you will want to repeat again anytime soon.