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Incentives and Team Building

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Why celebrate your boat event with us?

The corporate world is changing the way of approaching employee motivation and the way of generating synergies within the group. Incentives are no longer just about financially rewarding achievements; Currently, group incentives based on carrying out activities and enjoying leisure open a new way of valuing work within the company, in addition to promoting the cohesion of the staff.

In the same way, dealing with the partner or the client is no longer limited to the traditional business meal. Other ways of generating a good relationship between the parties, such as spending a good day aboard a boat, offer the possibility of living experiences together and generating stronger ties.

Corporate Charter

Renting a boat for company activity is one of the most original options and that best suits all types of objectives. From the adventure that in itself involves all the companions together at sea or enjoying cooperative games in the water, to relaxing on the high seas with a good cocktail in hand after a meeting; the range of possibilities offered is wide and highly suggestive. In the same way, any company event can become a unique moment thanks to the attractive activity packages that Gotland Charter offers. But if you are looking for a tailor-made tour, our staff will give you the best recommendations and the most exhaustive advice so that the plan adapts perfectly to your preferences and the day is a success.

Team Building

We all know the term Team building, enjoying all the luxury and the many possibilities that navigation offers is an ideal option to develop the content of this word that is increasingly used in the business world. The rent of a boat puts at your fingertips the possibility of making it a reality, with all kinds of comforts and adapting to the preferences of each corporate event. We offer a wide range of possibilities for groups of up to 300 guests. Our 20 years of experience in the world of corporate charter guarantee success in an unforgettable setting such as Barcelona from the sea. In addition to offering nautical events from our base in Barcelona, ​​we can go to different places and offer sailing on the Costa Brava, Tarragona, Sitges, Palamós, etc. Regattas, lunches, golf fishing, talks or awards ceremonies, dinners … a long and wide range of possibilities have a place in any of the boats and activity packages that Gotland Charter puts at your disposal.

Regattas for business incentives in Barcelona

Corporate regattas are Team Building activities in which the participants, divided into different groups and advised by our team of professionals.

They can enjoy endless sensations, whether in a fleet regatta or Match Race competing against another boat. We train the crew in a joint team with our captains and in order to coordinate the different roles on board to obtain the maximum performance from the boat.

We organize regattas in Barcelona, Sitges, etc…. or between two ports. Of course, we have an offer of catering options, award ceremonies, tent assembly and photographic reports to dress the event to the taste of each client, advised, at all times, by a team of professionals who adapt the activity and the schedules to your needs.

Regattas for business incentives in Barcelona

The level of demand, participation and professionalism, in which the regatta takes place, is decided by the client. The team can man the boat under the supervision of the captain, or if you prefer, simply relax and enjoy this Team Building activity. Each boat can be vinylized with the team number, branding and special and differentiated clothing can be delivered for each of the teams.

The group is divided into 3 teams of 7, 7 and 6, divided into three boats, each one guided by a professional skipper.

When the participants arrive at the port, they are greeted by our shore team. After a brief presentation of the staff and the activity, each skipper takes his group to the sailboat to start with a session or informative class of about 20 minutes in which he explains, among other things: the safety rules on board, how to use the different instruments, why a sailing boat can sail and in what directions it can do so; afterwards, each person is assigned their role during the regatta (the roles can be rotating, so that each participant ends the activity having performed each of the functions on board).

The boats leave the port and, once at sea, they have 20-30 minutes of practice, during which the participants rehearse the different maneuvers and coordinate with the rest of the team. After practice the regatta begins. The starting line is determined by a motor boat (jury boat) and a yellow or red buoy. During the nautical event, soft drinks and water are available on board for the participants.

Once the regatta has started, each sailboat must try to be faster than the rest, to do this they must choose the right course and complete an optimal trim setting for the sails at all times.

Of course, the winner of the activity is the first boat to cross the finish line.

Given that the most exciting moments are the start, the minutes before and after it, we propose to carry out more than one run, usually 3, which are shorter but are intended for the attendees to live the moments more exciting, and, incidentally, give new opportunities to boats that could not win in the first round.

We can adapt the regatta schedule to meet all needs, in addition to offering the joint regatta or “one on one” in Barcelona, ​​Sitges or any port on the Costa Brava.

Operation of company regattas

Regattas are available for groups from 10 to 250 guests. Everyone actively participates in the tasks to be carried out on board together with the rest of the team (team building), to obtain the best possible performance from the boat.

12:30 to 13:30: Lunch. For lunch we recommend the restaurants near the boarding pier. Most of them are popular places in Barcelona with beautiful views of the city and the coastline. Lunch or dinner can also be organized after the activity, taking advantage of that moment to do the winners ceremony. The medals and prizes of the regatta are awarded at the end, so the teams can share a table with their skippers.

13:30: The captains welcome the participants. Once the guests arrive at the dock, each captain introduces himself to his group and takes him to the assigned sailboat in Barcelona’s Port Olímpic. The teams can be from 4 to 9 guests depending on the requirements of each client, although we always recommend teams of 7 or fewer participants. Captains speak English and are professionals in sailing and sailing.

13:30 to 13:50 Briefing: Short and direct information session in which the captain explains to the participants the safety on board and the basic rules of the team activity in the Team Building. Each participant has a specific job to do on board during the regatta activity.

1:50 pm: We set sail. Boats and equipment are ready to sail. One by one all the sailboats leave the port to go to the offshore race course and start practice.

1:50 pm to 2:15 pm: Sailing and learning practices at sea. Once the sailboats are at sea, the participants can put into practice the previous knowledge of navigation techniques acquired during the talk, performing the maneuvers planned in the regatta. All maneuvering and navigation is done under the supervision of the captain.

14:20: Start of the Regatta. For the regatta start procedure, flags and acoustic signals are used to make it a simple method for teams that are beginners in sailing.

15:30, 16:00 or 16:30 End of the regatta.

We adapt to the available time of each group so that the end of the activity is determined by each client. The first sailboat to cross the finish line will be the winner of that race. The absolute winner is calculated by adding the scores of each of the sailboats in the different sleeves.

Once the regatta is over, the sailboats return to port, where, after gathering all the teams and skippers, a fun winners ceremony will take place.

Information on activities for companies

If you want to organize an activity for members of your company call us, write us an email or fill out the form with your information and we will get in touch.