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Different public tours sold by tickets in different boats with range of cruise duration and range of included options. Enjoy the experience of sailing the beautiful waters of Barcelona’s coastline. A Barcelona catamaran tour offers the perfect blend of comfort, luxury and all the facilities for an enjoyable sailing experience.

After setting sail and explaining the safety rules, the ship’s bar opens to offer not only drinks, but also the possibility of a snack service. We do everything within our possibilities, so that sailing is an unforgettable experience in which you laugh, dance, sunbathe, swim and relax.


Public boat tours


Historical sailboat cruise


  • Live music or Dj
  • Drinks & food
  • Up to 60 passengers
  • 2 hour tour
  • Lounge
  • Sound equipment
  • Solarium chill-out


Catamarán 78 95 y 125

Boat party in catamaran


  • Three hours
  • Catamaran trip
  • Welcome snack
  • BBQ menu
  • Drinks
  • Stop for a swim
  • Floating mats and platform
  • Entertainer/Waiter


Catamaran Orsom


  • 90 minutes
  • Catamaran trip
  • Full bar available
  • Snakcs available
  • Views of the citty
  • Live music


Organize Your Catamaran Party With Us

The main product of our catamarans is the BBQ, available on the boats with a capacity of 78, 95, 115 and 125 guests. We offer different types of BBQ menus: traditional BBQ with meat and sausages, fish BBQ, etc.

During the cruise, you are provided with different services such as wine/cava degustation, cured ham and cheese tasting, live music by solo interpreters as well as bands. All this organized by our professional team.

The golf activity is performed with balls made of biodegradable products and bait for the fish. You can also complement the departure with water activities such as jet skis, speed boats or banana boat rides, among others.

wide range of unforgettable experiences is guaranteed from the catamarans as a venue for all activities.

Information For Catamaran Rentals

If you would like information about a catamaran rental, call us, write us an email or fill the form with your details and we will get in touch.