Regattas for companies

Regatas en barcelona teambuilding

The corporate regattas are team-building activities in which participants, divided in groups, and assisted by our team of professionals, can enjoy an endless amount of feelings whether it’s in a fleet regatta or a Match Race where boats compete.

We form the crew in a joint team with our captains to coordinate the different roles on board and obtain the maximum performance from the ship.

We organize regattas in Barcelona, ​​Sitges, or between two ports. We have an offer for catering options, awards, tent set-up and photographic reports for the event to suit each client, advised always by a team of professionals that adapts the activity and schedules to the client’s needs.

Regattas for company incentives in Barcelona

The level of demand, participation and professionalism, in which the race takes place, is decided by the client. The team can crew the ship under the captain’s supervision, or if you prefer, simply relax and enjoy this Team Building activity. Each boat can be marked with the team number and you can use your own branding during the activity.

Operation of the regattas for companies

The regattas are available for groups in between 10 people and up to 250 participants. Everyone can actively participate in the tasks developed on board together with the rest of the team to obtain the best boat’s performance.

An example of a regatta for a group of 20 people

The group is divided into 3 teams and separated into three boats, each guided by a professional skipper.

After a brief presentation of the staff and the activity, each skipper takes his group to the sailboat to start with a session or informative class of about 20 minutes which explains, among other things, the safety rules on board, how to use the different instruments, the reason why a sailing ship can navigate and in what directions it can do it. Each person is then assigned their role during the regatta (the roles can be rotative, so that each participant finishes the activity having performed each of the functions on board).

The boats leave the port and, once at sea, they have 20-30 minutes of practice, during which the participants rehearse the different maneuvers and coordinate with the rest of the team. After the practice, the regatta begins. The starting line is determined by a motor boat and a yellow or red buoy. During the nautical event, refreshments and water are available on board for the participants.

Once the regatta has started, each sailboat should try to be faster than the rest, for that it must choose the right course and complete an optimal trim configuration of the sails always.

Of course, the winner of the activity is the first boat to cross the finish line.

Given that the most exciting moments are the departure, the minutes before and after it, we propose to make more than one leg, usually 3, which are shorter but have the purpose that the attendees experience more exciting moments and give the other boats to win.

We can adapt the schedule of the regatta to meet all your needs. Gotland offers a joint regatta or “one-to-one” option in Barcelona, Sitges or any port on Costa Brava.

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An example of a corporate charter schedule

12:30 a 13:30: Lunch. We recommend the restaurants near the boarding pier. Most of them are famous restaurants in Barcelona with a beautiful view of the city and the coast. Lunch or dinner can be organized after the activity, taking advantage of the moment to announce the winners of the regatta. Medals and prizes are awarded at the end and the teams can share the table with the captains.

13:30 Captains greet the participants. Once the participants arrive at the pier, each captain introduces himself to his group and take them to the assigned sailing boat in Port Olimpic. The teams can be from 4 to 9 guests depending on the requirements of each client, although we always recommend teams of 7 or fewer participants. The captains speak English and are professionals in sailing.

13:30 a 13:50 Briefing: Short informative session in which the captain explains the safety rules on board as well as the basic rules of the team-building activity. Each participant has a has a specific task on board during the activity.

13:50 Set Sail. Boats and teams are ready to sail. Sailing boats leave the port and head towards the regatta area to start the practice.

13:50 a 14:15: Sailing practice and learning and in the sea.. Once the boats are out in the sea, the participants can put into practice the previous knowledge of navigation techniques, acquired during the talk by performing the maneuvers planned in the regatta. All maneuvers are supervised by the captain.

14:20: Start of the regatta. Flags and signs are used to indicate the start of the regatta. Acoustic flags are used beginners in sailing.

15:30, 16:00 o 16:30 End of the regatta.

We adapt the activity for the time available for each group. The client decides the finishing time for the activity. The first boat to cross the finishing line will be the winner of the leg. The final winner is decided by adding the ratings of each boat in the different legs.

Once the regatta is finished, the boats return to the port where teams and captains will participate in a fun winning ceremony.