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Sailing regattas for groups


Sailing regatta for groups in Barcelona and Costa Brava

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Imagine sailing with your team in our modern and up to date yachts, gliding across some of the most beautiful waters of the Mediterranean sea (Barcelona). The wind will ster the waves and the spirits of you and your guests.


Your crew can sail the yacht under the skipper's supervision, or if you prefer, you can simply relax and enjoy the ride. A different environment, fresh air and an exhilarating sailing will make for an event that will be genuinely appreciated and a lasting memory for all.


We have made it easy for you to plan your special day. Full day or half-daysailing regatta is available on our boats, with an instructor on board to skipper for you. Every detail of your day is closely monitored to ensure both the safety and enjoyment of your event. Catered lunches or dinners are available as well as coffee and light sandwiches for breakfast meetings.


How are our sailing regattas in Barcelona?


The Regattas are available for groups from 18 to 200 guests. The guests can participate in team building activities on board and practice sailing team buildind skills in Barcelona. For example your group of 20 persons will be divided into 3 teams of 7, 7 & 6 with three boats. Each team will be skippered by a professional skipper on each sailboat.


regattas barcelona corporate

When the guests arrive to the harbour, they will be received by our team to start with the group activity. Each skipper will take his group, and start with a sort briefing explaining safety on board, how to use the instruments, and asign each person their role during the regatta. This will take about 20-30 minutes. The boats will leave the harbour and once at sea we will have 20-30 minutes of practising. After practice we will start the regatta. The starting line will be determined by a power boat and a yellow buoy. At all times refreshments will be available a board for you.


We can tailor your regatta to meet the needs of your schedule. We also can offer the regatta service or the sailing match one to one in Barcelona, any harbour of Costa Brava or Sitges, south Barcelona , Valencia, Alicante or Balearic Islands in Spain.


A short example of corporate sailing regatta in Barcelona schedule bellow.






12:30 to 13:30

Your lunch


Guests arrive to the yachts pier, and are welcomed aboard by the skippers. Drinks are available.

13:30 to 13:50

Short brieffieng on the day's programme: yacht familarisation & safety procedures.


Head out to sea.

14:00 to 14:30

Sail practice & trainning at sea, navigation & helming techniques. Depending on the clients requirements, we will have an introduction to team building with special attention given to individual duties and the role they play in the sailing of the yacht efficiency.


Start 1st race


Finish 1st race

15:20 to 15:30



Start 2nd race


Finish 2nd race


All boats are back at harbour


Prizes & certificates given


Free to leave


12:30 to 13:30: Your lunch. For lunch we advise the restaurants near to the boarding pier. Most of them are popular places to eat with locals in barcelona and have beautiful views of the citty. medals & prizes anre delivering after regatta Spain. Teams can share a table with their skippers. Lunch or dinner also can be organized after the sailing event. regattas barcelona for groups


13:30: Skippers welcomes the guests.Once the guests arrive to the pier each skipper introduce himself and takes his team to the yacht. one of the regatta teams together with their skipper before going on board the boat in a Sailing regatta in barcelona port olimpic. Regatta Teams can be from 4 to 9 guests depending on the customers requirements. Skippers speak english and are professional at sailing and navigation. regattas barcelona for meeting




13:30 to 13:50: Short brieffieng. the skipper teach in english the customers what will go on in the regattaSkipper teach the team about safety aboard, and basic rules of the team builiding activity. Each guest will have a specific job to do on board during the regatta event. All participants will be envolved in the correct sailing procedure of the yacht . port olimpic is a special place for activities for companies in Barcelona. regattas barcelona briefing



15:30: leaving to the sea. Yachts and teams are ready for sailing. All sailing yachts leave the harbour in order to start practising outside on the sea. one of the yachts is leaving the harbour for the start of the race. each regatta team has different jacket color. regattas barcelona practising


14:00 to 14:30; Sail trainning & learning at sea. once the sail boats are at sea guests can use the adquired previous knownledge of sailing techniques. The team will put into practise the knownledge they have learned at the harbour. All sailing is done under the supervision of the skipper. Some practice will be done before the regatta starts. regattas barcelona first



14:30: Regatta start. For the start procedure we will follow a simple flag and horn system in order to make the regatta rules simple for the teams which are new to sailing. The regatta starts in barcelona coastal waters. regattas barcelona start





15:20: Finish first race. Gotland Charters normally organices sailing regattas in two or three short races in order to make the most of each teams experiences. In this way, all the boats will be more competitive and it make the activity more exciting. end line finish line of the regatta with the view of barcelona. all our gotland's nautical services can be done in barcelona or valencia or other navigation areas. time to relax between races. relaxing time between two races in a regatta. port olimpic is very near. one of the team of Bank of america sailing in a regatta that we organiced in barcelona. two sailing yachts racing. beautifull sailing yacht racing in sitges. Boats and teams arriving back to the harbour. guest arrives to the pier in barcelona after getting win of the raceteams of the regatta having fun after the race. This is olimpic harbour. prizes and medals are delivered after the sailing activity regattas barcelona end




For lunch we advise the restaurants near to the boarding pier. Most of them are popular places to eat with locals in barcelona and have beautiful views of the citty.